Flawless Makeup Tips and Tricks

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Makeup is one of the most important part of any women's beauty, so today we are going to tell you how to do flawless makeup.

Every woman wants to look young,Guest Posting fresh, perfect. And for this you use makeup on your skin for enhancement of your beauty. Makeup is something that not only gives you perfect look but also explores your feature. But this can be done only and if you did it in suitable manner. If you apply one of your makeups in imperfectly your whole look will be ruined by this mistake. It`s not essential that the product of good company will definitely gives the perfect look but it depends on how you used it and how you apply it according to your features. Here are some guidelines that must be followed for a flawless look.

1.   Cover the imperfections:

First of all before starting to your make up you need to notice if you have some imperfections on your face or not like puffiness of eyes, dark circles under your eyes, or any element of cleanser. If you noticed one of these imperfections first go for it and try some home remedy for it.Clean your skin:First of all clean or skin before starting your make up. Trace the element of cleanser and removed it with toner.Cover the dark circles and eye puffiness:If you have some dark circles then apply some anti circles cream under your eyes to lighten the darkened circles. For the puffiness first wash your face especially eyes with cold water. If it doesn`t work then go for the next one which is put some slice of potato on your eyes and puffiness will be disappear.

2.   Apply Primer:

Before starting your foundation apply primer on your skin this will lasts your make up for long time. It`s a barrier between your cosmetic and your skin. The oil of your skin will not cause your make up faded.

3.   Concealers:

Before applying foundation it`s very important to use something for your blemishes. The concealer is the best choice this will hide your blemishes and will gives you smooth skin with fresh looks. Concealers are used because they have high concentration of pigments. There are different types of cancellers you can use according to your need:1. Best under eye concealer 2. Best concealer for dark circles 3. Full coverage foundation

4.   Foundation:

Foundation can be sprayed on or brushed on. Sometimes both can be used. The foundation can be a combination of too many colors. But be sure that the first layer of foundation you sprayed on your face should be your skin matched. Then you can have a layer of another color nearer to your skin tone. Now the most important part of foundation application is placement. Blend your foundation very well. So that it looks natural not like a mask one thing to remember is be aware of the tidemarks at the jaw line.

5.   Powdering:

After applying foundation use some light loose powder with a big brush. It should be matched with your skin tone otherwise it will go out of your skin. That looks so add.

6.   Blushing Beauty:

Now it`s time to enhance the facial beauty by blushing up the beautiful features. First choose the darker shade than your skin tone and apply it on the contour portions of your face like nose, cheekbones and so on. And blend it perfectly for natural looks.

7.   Eye shadow Base:

Now before moving towards eye shadows apply eye shadow base. Eye shadow bases helps in lasting eye shadows for a long time. You can use oil free foundation as your eye shadow base or used the specifically produce for eye area. Now apply your dressed matched eye shadow according to the occasion.

8.   Apply Lipstick:

Now it`s time to give perfect looks to your most beautiful feature your lips. For long lasting lipstick first apply eye liner then fill in your entire lips. First apply mate lipstick and blot it with tissue now apply second coat. This will gives you a proper look.

9.   Carry Blotting Paper:

Now you get ready with your long lasting make up. And it`s time to leave your home. But remember don`t leave your home without blotting paper this will remove your skin oil without disturbing your make up.

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