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There is an innate fear of being forever alone that grips us from time to time. Even though it is natural, it is difficult to brush off the thoughts sometimes.


Do you feel Forever Alone?


There is an innate fear of being forever alone that grips us from time to time. Even though it is natural,Guest Posting it is difficult to brush off the thoughts sometimes.


In today’s society that teaches to unapologetically accept one’s flaws and shortcomings, addressing oneself as a “Forever Alone” has become a boisterous way of accepting that they are surrounded by loneliness. This is one of the many ways of accepting and bottling up one’s emotions and feelings at the same time.

We can feel lonely not only when we are alone, but sometimes, one can be surrounded by a lot of people but still, feel alone.


Sometimes we just need to stop worrying about others and think about what we’re missing on the inside.


Accepting Yourself

Accepting who we are can be a difficult journey. But it is one of the most important paths you walk on. There are multiple aspects to accepting oneself.


Loneliness can be felt because of a lot of reasons but first, acknowledge that you are feeling alone. The first step is the most difficult step to take. Once you start acknowledging that you are feeling lonely, you’re halfway through it.


Not Trying to fit in

We all try to blend in with our peers, friends and family. And we tend to showcase a personality of ours that isn’t true, just to avoid being “forever alone“. This may be helpful in the short run to adjust but is not an effective way to deal with loneliness. One needs to be true to oneself.


Being at Peace with your emotions

We all need someone who can understand us and get us like no one else, but looking for relationships is not the only alternative to make ourselves feel less alone.


Try doing Self-talks and emphasize the fact that you’re complete and unique.

This will not only help you take control over your emotions, but you will look forward to spending time working on yourself. This will surely help in reducing your stress and anxiety levels.


Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are real. Think good of yourselves. You can get anything you want. Start building this self-confidence. 


When you believe in yourselves, you’ll never be bothered by what others have to say about you.


It's never too late to begin again


It’s always painful to let go of your old self or someone who understands you, but you’ve to know one thing and that is no one knows you better than you yourselves.


Show some love to yourself

Living each second thinking you are “forever alone” but what do you think when you are all by yourself?


This is the most precious time, and you should enjoy every moment of it. Valuing it will not only boost your self-worth and confidence levels, but you will feel the positive vibes around you.


Now the question arises, what to do alone? Here’s a list of a few things that you can do.


Learn any new skill you find interesting:

New beginnings can always be challenging but so is life. You are completely allowed to fail on your first try, maybe first skill as well. There’s no end to learning.


Start working on that old hobby which you couldn’t keep touch with:


Sometimes getting fixated on our emotional mishaps or work-life imbalance we fall out of time to nurture ourselves. But it’s never too late to come to yourselves. And you may even make new friends and break the vicious cycle of being forever alone.


Being forever alone or feeling lonely can cause disappointment and may affect other areas of your life which need to be acknowledged. Journaling not only helps to tackle disappointment but it also helps you recognize things you are grateful for. Make a note to write down at least three things you are grateful for on any particular day.



Following a routine and taking out time to calm yourself will always go a long way. Decide on a time. Set boundaries and focus on meditating. It’s always a bit difficult to distract yourself from the thoughts running through your mind, but this will help you in understanding yourself better and mastering your emotions as well.


There’s always hope in this world, and it is what keeps all of us moving.




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