Guide for People Thinking About Becoming a Medical Assistant

Aug 27


Milana Grade

Milana Grade

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A free guide for people who are thinking about medical assistant career. Find important information and advices by experts.

Medical assisting is an occupation that attracts more and more people currently. Individuals wish to devote their time to the following work and become great health care specialists. Though the main question remains the same: “What can I expect in the future?”. In the following overview we will do all the best to examine M.A. career (salary,Guide for People Thinking About Becoming a Medical Assistant Articles employment and etc.) to find the answers.
How Things Are Going With Job?
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics the salary of medical assistants was $30,000 in May 2010. And the hourly wage was about 14 dollars. There are 5 states in the United States with the highest income that include states like Alaska, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Washington. The pay scale in the following top states varies from $34K to $39K.
The employment level is dependent on locality, practice and extra aspects. The list of the states with the highest employment level includes California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The employment can be from 21,000 to a maximum of 75,000. The highest level is 81,860 (California) and the second spot is taken by state of Texas with the rate of 48,000.
Additional Information for Future Medical Assistants
The job outlook for this health care career seems very promising. The experts predict the demand will be growing. Comparing other analogous occupations, medical assistants have huge prospects in the longer term for the reason that this profession will be improving (from the job outlook point of view).
Considering the wage, employment rate and job outlook it’s obvious that the medical assisting career appears to be like very good. Prospective medical assistant specialists can look ahead to superior job and income plus demand on the market.
It’s vital to be aware that this work requests certain qualities and skills. You will be required to analyze a range of information, get in touch with with individuals and complete other administrative and clinical responsibilities.
Medical assistant career is a ideal choice but it demands devotion and time. In our days certified medical assistants have more advantages when it comes to income and employment. It’s not necessary to proceed through certification. But it’s recommended to do so since employers prefer to hire certified employees. In our days there are four associations offering certification: American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), American Medical Technologists, National Center for Competency Testing and National Health Career Association.
Final words
As a conclusion, if you have a desire to devote your life M.A. career, think about 3 key aspects: salary, employment level and steps you need to make to achieve your goals. To become a medical assistant it’s mandatory to have a high school diploma and recommended to be certified by one of 4 associations and be graduated from formal training programs.