Medical Assistant Salary - The Guide For You

Sep 4


Milana Grade

Milana Grade

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The article covers medical assistant salary and job employment details. It's helpful for future specialists to know more about these facts in order to make the best choice.

A lot of folks know something medical assistant activity. But do you really know how much medical assistants earn in the United States. To find the complete answer,Medical Assistant Salary - The Guide For You Articles we prepared the following free overview containing all necessary information.
Salary Tips
According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) medical assistants earn about thirty thousand dollars for each year and no more than 15 dollars per hour (2011). The following income numbers is only an estimation based on the appropriate research.
It’s principal to note that although the mean annual wage is about $30,000 it can differ exceedingly due to location, skill, business and additional components. For instance, in Alaska medical assistants earn $39,200 per year (Source: There are other top paying spheres like Massachusetts, Hawaii and Washington. The salary range in these states varies from $34K to $39K.
Employment Rate
Nevertheless, high level of earnings does not warrant the superlative employment rate. To provide an example, in Alaska which is top paying state for the medical assistant occupation, the employment rate is very miserable (1300). And, it’s imperative to remember not only the salary you might have later on but also an employment which is incredibly notable.
For better understanding, we provide you with the listing of popular states by employment. It includes: California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas. The employment level in the provided u.s. states varies from $22K to $80K and the wage varies from $27 to $32K (estimate). The top recommendation for persons considering medical assistant profession is to is to look for a job in the popular areas. It will be less difficult to find a preferred job in a state with high employment level.
Popular Cities to Start With
There are big cities like Houston, Chicago, New York and others. The best advice is to take note of these cities. Our examination has made known that the following locations may give good revenue and employment level. On average M.A. salaries in well-known metropolitan areas discussed above vary from $29K to $31K.
In the end, medical assistant salary manual comprises of three essential factors: how much you can earn (salary), job outlook and what are the best places to start you career. Bear in mind it’s significant to think about employment too.