How Many Boxers Have Dental Implants?

Apr 7


Anna Woodward

Anna Woodward

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This article muses about how many boxers have dental implants, due to the extreme nature of your sport.

Boxing is such a violent sport. There is so much aggression and blood. Watching boxing can be really exhilarating. It is raw and unadulterated. I think that people actually get hurt when they are boxing in comparison to wrestling. Wrestling just doesn't seem to be as real. Yes,How Many Boxers Have Dental Implants? Articles they are doing crazy things like throwing chairs, using ladders, and going outside the actual rink. But boxing just seems to be so personal. The boxers just circle each other, no frills. They are very much focused on each other and not so much the crowd or the effect that they are having on others. They are zeroed in on their opponent, and it seems to me like the whole world narrows into their view of each other. They are predators circling each other. Staying on their feet and taking down their prey are the only things on their minds. At this point, if they can't act instinctively, then it will be all over for them. They can tell by the minor movements of their opponents muscles what might be coming, and they can dodge or counter the move as much as possible. They also have to be able to make the split second decision of when to strike. Because striking is one of the more important things. They have to take their opponent off guard to land a hit.

In such a violent sport, those boxers have to get seriously injured at least once or twice. I kind of wonder how many of them have dental implants. There must be at least a few boxers who have had their teeth knocked out, so maybe they got dental implants? Or maybe they decided that they would look fiercer without the dental implants? That's completely up to them. But I'm sure they have had to have gotten other injuries like concussions. There have to be doctors on staff at the rink to assess these injuries, right?

That profession has to be well paid. It might be one of those jobs that you have to know someone to be able to get, because that seems like a stable job. Then again, they probably want the best. So in order to get that job, you would have to be a great all around sports doctor and regular doctor, to be able to accurately diagnose and treat an injury. I know that if someone continued boxing with a concussion, they could potentially die if they were hit hard enough. And a boxer's body is his tool, like any other athlete. So they need a doctor that is one of the best. They need care and treatment and probably a doctor that is tough enough to be able to tell an enraged boxer that he cannot go back into the rink. I'm sure with the adrenaline running through a boxer's veins it might be hard to listen to reason sometimes. Even so, they probably have a decent amount of respect for the doctors that are on the staff at the boxing rink.

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