How To Benefit 4 Ways With A Memory Foam Mattress

Feb 25




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Do you realize how crucial a good night's sleep is to your overall health and mental outlook? We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed and if we're not getting the proper rest, we and those closest to us suffer the consequences.


Are you feeling tired or sluggish in the mornings? One reason for this might be the quality of your mattress.

Sleeping on a poor quality mattress not only affects your sleep,How To Benefit 4 Ways With A Memory Foam Mattress Articles but the rest of your day. A poor quality mattress can affect your sleep cycle by either decreasing the time you spend in a certain sleep stage or abolishing a stage of the sleep cycle altogether.

Could it be that a memory foam mattress might get you a good night's rest?

Advantage # 1: Sensitivity To Weight

You've probably heard that NASA first designed a prototype to memory foam in the early 1970's. Further modifications to the product were completed at the request of the hospital industry.

When NASA first designed memory foam, they probably never fully understood how beneficial this product would be to regular consumers.

By its ability to adjust to a person's weight, memory foam mattresses have allowed many people to finally sleep comfortably throughout the whole night.

One of the first advantages of a memory foam mattress is its sensitivity to weight. This is quite handy for you if you are a couple sleeping in the same bed.

Usually there is always a difference in the weight between the man and the woman, and if one person constantly moves in a regular bed, this could disturb the other person.

With memory foam, you wouldn't detect your sleep partner's movement. The mattress will adjust and reposition itself as you adjust your sleeping position through the night. A memory foam mattress really is a great choice for this reason!

Advantage # 2: Sensitivity To Temperature

The second advantage of a memory foam mattress is its ability to adjust for temperature sensitivity. Even though the human body maintains a constant body temperature, the external parts of your body will be at different temperatures.

When a person lies down onto the memory foam, the foam material will absorb the heat from your body and soften.

The advantage of having a material that is sensitive to temperature is quite useful in the hospital industry for which it was designed.

It is also quite handy in the case of someone with an injury because the injured area of the body will normally be fevered and the mattress will respond with extra softness at the place it's needed most.

When purchasing a mattress, some people might be concerned about it becoming too hot, however the mattresses are now built with an air exchange system that overcomes this.

Advantage # 3: Adjusts To Your Body To Provide Support

After NASA abandoned the designing of memory foam, the hospital industry took an interest in it and therefore there was still a demand for its production.

Another amazing advantage of owning a memory foam mattress is the total support that it provides. When you first lay on the mattress, you will feel it adjust to the contours of your body. Your neck and spine will be held in perfect alignment, and you will be able to feel how the material is fully supporting your body from head to toe.

When you lay down on the mattress, the material expands to absorb the force your body is applying to it. Selecting a mattress of the correct density for your height and weight can further help you achieve total support for your body.

Therefore, in the end you are left with the ability to achieve full body support by sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

Advantage # 4: Memory Foam Mattresses Are Reasonably Priced

Since it's first design, memory foam mattresses have definitely become more affordable, allowing the average consumer to purchase one. It might have been possible that if NASA had continued on the design of the material, that this amazing invention of memory foam would have only been available to astronauts.

Luckily, this is not the case and good quality memory foam mattress pricing ranges from $1400 dollars for a twin size. The more luxurious memory foam mattresses will cost a bit more.