How to Make the Most of Yin/Yang Energy in Your Life

Oct 23


Rosanna Commisso

Rosanna Commisso

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You may be asking what does Yin/Yang have to do with my life and well-being?


Everything in your life consists of both Yin/Yang energy. When these two energies are in harmony,How to Make the Most of Yin/Yang Energy in Your Life Articles health and well-being results. An imbalance causes dis-ease.

In essence, Yin/Yang are relative terms used to describe everything in your life. Everything around you and in you, has these energies. Nothing is purely Yin or Yang but contains both energies in varying amounts. You cannot have one without the other. Neither one is better, with both being needed for balance and well-being.

The basic idea of Yin/Yang is that the only constant in your world is continual change. In other words, nothing remains the same; no disease, no condition, no emotion, absolutely everything is continually changing. In the same way, Yin/Yang are in a constant state of change, complementing and opposing each other.

Yin literally means the ‘dark side of the mountain’ representing: darkness, night, coldness, stillness, winter, autumn, earth, moisture, passivity, femaleness, black, blue, silver, moon, water etc. Yin energy maintains and endures, it is nourishing and supports growth and development. Reflection and stillness create Yin energy.

Yang on the other-hand is translated as the ‘bright side of the mountain’ representing light, maleness, day, warmth, heaven, activity, sun, dominance, spring, red, orange, yellow, summer etc. Yang energy is creative and generating, it develops and expands; it is aggressive, dynamic and full of movement. The power of Yang energy is what drives creativity. Passion and fire fuel Yang energy.

The Yin/Yang energies within your body and within each organ need to be in balance for your body to function in harmony. If there is an imbalance with your body’s systems, with either too much Yin or too much Yang, you will experience disharmony or dis-ease. To achieve wellness, you need to balance work (yang) and play (yin) and indulgence (yin) and discipline (yang).

Chinese Medicine, ChiYo, shiatsu, feng shui, acupressure and acupuncture all apply these principles of Yin/Yang in restoring well-being.

Now that you under the concept of Yin/Yang, we will look at how this affects you everyday.

Everything in your life, whether it be the food you eat, your personality, your job, your activities, the music you listen to, your moods, your emotions, the colours around you, the climate where you live etc can all be defined as either having either mainly Yin or Yang energy. So it’s about balancing these two energies. In a state of good health, Yin/Yang harmoniously support and depend on each.

You can apply the principles of Yin/Yang to your everyday life. For example, if you are constantly on the go, have a fast-paced career, participate in competitive sports, have a tendency to want everything yesterday and love to push yourself, all Yang qualities, to achieve internal balance and well-being, you need to include Yin energy eg meditation, yoga, ChiYo etc in your life.

If this balance is not achieved, then another factor comes into play and that is that if something is extremely Yin or Yang, then it will become its opposite. For example, excess Yang as the example given above, will eventually become a Yin condition leading to fatigue and exhaustion, forcing your body to achieve stillness and rest through illness.

Below are a few examples of Yin/Yang qualities in your life. These are intended to give an idea of how Yin/Yang features in your life. You will be able to determine which energy (Yin or Yang) is the most prevalent and which energy (the opposite) you need to include to achieve balance and well-being.

Are You Predominantly Yin or Yang?

Yin Personal Characteristics Yang Personal Characteristics Cooler body
More reserved personality
Moist skin
Unclear, dreamy
Fearful, insecure
Soft voice
Weak body
Pale complexion Warmer body
Outgoing personality
Dry skin
Hyperactive mentality
Angry, impatient
Loud voice
Desire filled
Tense body
Red complexion

Yin & Yang Actvities

Yin Activities Yang Activities Relaxing
Self-indulgent Generate heat
Make you sweat
Are physical
Involve accuracy

Yin & Yang Careers

Yin Jobs Yang Jobs Creativity
Little or no responsibility
Sedentary Responsibility
Attention to detail
Physically demanding

Yin & Yang Foods
In summer (Yang) increase your intake of Yin foods and vice versa.

Yin Foods Yang Foods Cold foods
Sweet or spicy taste
Soft creamy texture
Very short cooking time
Vegetable quality Hot or warm foods
Salty or savoury taste
Dry texture
Foods that take time to cook
Animal foods
Balance should be your goal if you want to achieve well-being. So listen to your body as it will always tell you what it needs to achieve this balance.

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