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Men always want to know how to improve the manhood, especially as they grow older and begin to lose some sensitivity. And why not? Intimate contact without sensation would be a dull, and rather silly-looking, activity.

Because most men's male organes can become somewhat "dulled" to regular sensation as they age,Guest Posting many men like to keep their eyes open for suggestions on how to improve the manhood naturally. Whether engaging in partner contact or manual stimulation, a man wants the most enjoyable experience possible. The more sensitized his male organ is, the more likely he will achieve his goal. Steps to improve the manhood can increase sensitivity, as well as general male organ health.

Why the loss?

Several issues can lead to loss of male organ sensitivity:

  • Age – As a man grows older, a little dulling of the senses is normal throughout the body, including the male organ. It's usually not a huge degree, but when talking about the male organ - which is the one part of the body where sensation counts the most - even a small degree of loss can be troubling.
  • Blood flow - There's a reason that a man's "pants playmate" gets good and red when it gets hard: it's accumulated a lot of blood in its tissues, which makes it swell up and exhibit itself in its own peculiarly proud manner. If blood isn't circulating into the area as freely as possible, it can affect the firmness of the manhood, which also affects the sensitivity a man derives from having it touched or enveloped.
  • Medication side effects - Sometimes a medication may have an unintended side effect that can result in male organ de-sensitization. A man whose member is experiencing a little dullness should check the warning labels of any medications he is taking or speak with his doctor.
  • Inadequate exercise/diet/general health - The more "in shape" a man, the more "in shape" his equipment: maintaining a good weight, keeping away from illegal substances and alcohol and eliminating smoking can not only make a man feel good; it can make good feelings in the male organ.
  • Injury - A physical injury to penile nerves can definitely cause a sensitivity issue. So can the development of too much scar tissue, which can result from excessive or rough handling of the male organ.

What to do

Aside from the hints offered above (check your medications, stay healthy), there are a few other things a man can do to keep his male organ happily receptive to sensation. These include:

1. Exercising the male organ - Keeping the body in shape is one thing, but doing a little "root" exercise is important, too. In other words, work those Kegels (the muscles in the pelvis that control urination). Squeeze them for 5 seconds; release; repeat.  Do this at least 10 times and repeat the set several times a day. Keeping the male organ muscles built up opens the male organ up for a more pleasurable experience.

2. Edge around it - Some men report that edging - bringing themselves to the brink of release; stopping; and repeating several times - leads to a much more satisfying height of pleasure and increases their general male organ sensitivity.

3. Spice things up - Sometimes male organ sensitivity isn't so much in the head of the male organ as in the head on the shoulders. If a person is a bit bored or complacent, it can affect his romantic life. Try out new positions, new toys or new ways of intimate contact. Whether indulging in a solo session or in partner activity, create some new mental fantasies to experience during the act.

4. Keep the equipment in good condition - A male organ that's well attended-to is a male organ that responds better to sensory stimuli. Keep the male organ clean and in good working order by giving it the hygienic attention it needs.

Good hygiene will be enhanced by regularly employing a proper male organ vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). One tip on how to improve the manhood sensitivity is utilize a cream that includes acetyl L carnitine, which helps to nourish the penile cells and make them more open and receptive to sensation. A cream with L arginine is also recommended, as this can help with potential blood flow issues, and one with shea butter is advisable, due to its welcome soothing qualities.

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