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Effexor is the trade name for Venlafaxine, an antidepressant drug that belongs to the arylalkanolamine Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor class of drugs. The drug is a pretty recent development and was brought to the market only in 1993. But it managed to quickly gain popularity. Effexor is primarily used to treat major depressive disorders also known as MDD; it is used in patients who exhibit comorbid indications; the drug also has anxiolytic properties. All these properties make the drug an extremely effective antidepressant and it is no wonder that the drug became so popular, so quickly.

The Effects on Children and Adolescents
As effective as the drug might be,Guest Posting there are a few concerns regarding the medicine and one should be aware of them. In fact, the drugs effects on children and adolescents have been under increasing speculation and there have been various clinical tests to understand this. It has been observed that Effexor can actually increase thoughts of suicide among children, and in fact, attempts to suicide also do increase. There have even been reports of children and adolescents, under medication, inflicting harm to their own bodies. With such serious side effects, it is all the more important that we gain a complete knowledge about the drug. That is exactly what we are going to do in the following section of the article. Like most other drugs the side effects can be classified into two groups – common side effects and less common side effects.
Common Side Effects of Effexor
There are various side effects of Effexor and the following list may not be a complete one.  But we believe that is a pretty comprehensive list. Some of the side effects are followed by a percentage figure which represents the number of people in every 100, under the medication, who are likely to get affected by the side effects. The side effects are abnormal ejaculation (8-16%), akathisia or agitation (3-4%), apathy, constipation, decreased appetite (8-20%), decreased libido (3-9%), dizziness (11-20%), dry mouth (12-16%), electric shock-like sensations, fatigue, headache (34%), hypertension (4-5%), impulsive actions, increased anxiety, increased yawning (3-5%), insomnia (15-23%), memory loss, nausea (21-35%), irritable bowel syndrome, orthostatic hypotension, restless legs syndrome, sexual dysfunction (14-34%), sweating (10-14%), vertigo, vivid/abnormal dreams (3-7%).
All the above figures have been provided by Wyeth, who introduced the drug to the US market.
Less Common Side Effects of Effexor
Apart from the regular side effects of Effexor, there are a few that are not so common and these are classified as the less common side effects. These side effects are abnormal vision, activation of mania/hypomania., aggression, allergic skin reactions, cardiac arrhythmia, confusion, depersonalization, depressed feelings, difficulty swallowing, drowsiness, external bleeding, frequent urination, stomach pain, hair loss, hepatitis, homicidal thoughts, hostility, increased serum cholesterol, loss of appetite, nervousness, increased anxiety, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, pancreatitis, panic attacks, psychosis, seizure, thrombocytopenia, agranulocytosis, suicidal thoughts, swollen gums often accompanied by bleeding, tardive dyskinesia, tremor, visual hallucinations, weight gain or weight loss.
While the common side effects are not that serious and tend to go away over time as the body adjusts to the medicine, the less common side effects are not to be ignored. In fact, if the side effects persist over a period of time then a doctor must be consulted.
The side effects should carefully be monitored in children and adolescents. Since the manifestations are far serious in them than in most adults, they should be well-cared for. Any abnormalities in behavior should be brought to the notice of the medical practitioner who prescribed the drug.

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