Liver Resection Surgery: Essential for removing Benign and Cancerous Tumor 

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Understand how liver resection surgery is useful in treating liver cancer and other benign tumors in the organ.

Did you know the liver is the only visceral organ of the body that possesses the ability to regenerate itself? Whether the organ is affected by a medical surgery or an injury,Guest Posting it can grow back. Doctors say that even thirty percent of a liver in a human body can regrow to its original volume.

In addition to being the phoenix of the human anatomy, the liver has the job of filtering blood coming from the digestive tract. It detoxifies chemicals, metabolizes drugs, and produces essential biochemicals (such as bile) for digestion. Medical professionals have identified more than three hundred functions of the liver. It is needless to say your health depends on the health of your liver.

What is Liver Resection Surgery?

The liver has 8 separate segments with individualized blood supply and bile duct network. Its anatomy makes it possible for the GI surgeon to remove up to 60-70 percent of the liver and treat the patient. 

Liver resection involves the surgical removal of the liver. A surgical gastroenterologist may remove part of the liver or the entire organ, depending on the spread of the disease. When the patient is diagnosed with a malignant tumor, liver resection surgery is the most common type of surgical procedure to remove the tumors.

Whether it is a primary tumor originating in the liver or a metastatic tumor migrating to the liver, liver resection surgery can remove multiple tumors easily. As the liver can regenerate itself, the surgery has a high success rate, depending on the number of tumors and the stage of liver cancer. Liver resection surgery is a potential treatment for malignant tumors and benign tumors including hepatic cyst, hepatic adenoma, and hemangioma. 

It is important to note that when the doctor removes the liver entirely, the patient will need liver transplantation. It is the treatment for irreversible, acute, and chronic liver problems.

Modern Laparoscopic Technique to treat Liver Cancer 

In the past, traditional liver resection surgery involved making larger incisions to remove the tumor and part of the liver, depending upon the treatment. Complex open surgeries may take more than six hours, especially when the liver tumor is hard to access. 

Modern medical science has enabled surgical gastroenterologists to use a laparoscope for removing the tumor from the liver. Compared to traditional open surgery, laparoscopic liver surgery offers the benefits of significantly smaller incisions, faster recovery, and reduced post-operative care. Even though laparoscopic surgery is more convenient and common today, your doctor must consider all aspects before making the decision.

Keep your Liver Healthy!

Although medical science has evolved in the past couple of years and ensures better recovery rates for patients with cancer, the best form of defense against the disease is to improve your liver health. 

a. Do not consume illicit drugs, avoid sharing contaminated needles, and practice safe sex to avoid infections of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. 

b. Reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco substances because they can cause liver cancer and several other diseases. 

c. There is no need to buy expensive supplements to detox your liver. Ensure a healthy lifestyle and maintain your weight within the normal range to keep your liver healthy. People with obesity are more susceptible to fatty liver diseases. 

d. Consume healthy food because food grains contaminated with aflatoxins can affect liver health.

Routine Checkup Saves Lives

When it comes to any cancer, including liver cancer, early detection saves lives and ensures a quick recovery. If you are at risk of developing liver cancer or you believe your digestive health is deteriorating because of any reason, visiting an experienced surgical gastroenterologist is a must.

Along with a healthy lifestyle, routine checkups, immediate treatment, and adequate medical care are essential to living life cancer-free!

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