Lower Back Pain Exercises - Banish the Pain For Good!

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Lower Back Pain Exercises - If you've been suffering from lower back pain, you KNOW how it takes over your life! Find the relief you've been looking for...

Lower back pain exercises - low back discomfort is incredibly common among people of both sexes (over 80% of us suffer from it),Guest Posting but women especially tend to experience lower back pain thanks to pregnancy, carrying around groceries and kids, plus the ranges of motion required by the different tasks they perform every day.In order to deal with low back injury, it is important to do stretching and strengthening exercises to help find severe back pain relief and prevent further symptoms.There are two reasons lower back pain exercises are the best way to relieve and prevent lower back pain:1. Exercise helps to strengthen and increase the flexibility of the low back muscles, meaning that the muscles are better able to handle the movements made in the average day.2. Exercise removes some of the tension from the low back muscles, and the stretches that accompany an exercise program helps to loosen up the muscles.If you are experiencing lower back pain, your first line of treatment should definitely be to do lower back pain exercises to help reduce the pain as well as prevent it from returning. Not only do strengthening and stretching exercises help keep your low back disorder from recurring, but they help speed recovery from any backache you may already have.As always, consult your family doctor before you start any new program of lower back pain exercises.There are a number of lower back pain exercises that you can do to strengthen your muscles, and each one has its specific benefits for your low back. In only 15 minutes a day, these treatments are beneficial to recover from and prevent future injury. The health benefits go well beyond any investment of time or effort:1. Abdominal Crunches are great low back pain exercises to help strengthen your core muscles. They help to strengthen and stretch your lower back muscles as much as they do your abdominal muscles. Abdominal support is more important for improved back fitness than most of us realize.2. Wall Squats are performed by pretending to sit with your back against the wall and your legs pushing you against the wall to support your weight. This exercise helps to work out your lower back and legs, giving them the strength needed to support your low back.3. By raising your leg straight out in front of you and holding it there for 10 seconds, you are working out your upper hamstrings and lower back. You are also stretching your back and legs, and alternating legs ensures that both sides of your body get a thorough workout. This is particularly good as one of the lower back pain exercises you should do on a daily basis.4. Pull a knee in to your chest as a stretch to loosen up the muscles in your hamstring and keep your lower back flexible. Alternate knees to loosen up both sides, and make sure to pull the leg tightly and stand straight for the most effective stretch.5. Place your feet together and slowly stretch out over your legs and straight down, hold for 15 to 30 seconds. Be gentle, don't bounce up and down. Just let the stretch happen. This will stretch the lower back muscles and help to improve and straighten your vertebra.6. Get down on your hands and knees, and extend an arm straight forward. Extend the opposite leg straight backward, and keep your head steady. Alternate legs. This exercise is perfect to stretch and strengthen the lower back, and will help you build strength and regain mobility.7. Lie on your back, knees bent to place your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands at your side and lift your rear end and hips off the floor with your back muscles. Roll as high onto your shoulders as possible, and hold for 10 to 15 seconds.8. Lie on your back and bend your knees to place your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on the floor beneath your shoulders and use your hands and knees to lift your body off the floor to form a table shape. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds before going down to the floor.If you've been suffering from any sort of chronic or acute low back injury, these lower back pain exercises can help you heal and finally find the relief you've been looking for!

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