Follow these effective home remedies if you have back pain

Sep 16


Dr. amit

Dr. amit

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In today's hectic life, most people are struggling with the problem of back pain. In India, 42% of people are suffering from back pain. 


In today's hectic life,Follow these effective home remedies if you have back pain Articles most of the people are struggling with the problem of back pain. In India 42% people are suffering from back pain. Yoga in back pain is essential in our lifestyle. The biggest reason for this is our deteriorating lifestyle. Not only the aging people, but people of all ages are troubled by this problem. Back pain is such a problem, which badly affects both personal and professional life. Let us know, some home remedies to get relief from back pain. But before that, know what causes back pain i.e. back pain. If you find out the exact cause of back pain, it will be much easier to treat. First know what are the causes of back pain.



What causes back pain?



Back pain or back pain can be due to many reasons. Many times a person does not even understand why they are having back pain. In such a situation, you should know the reasons given below, which makes it easy to guess the cause of back pain. Know the causes of back pain:


  • excessive muscle tension
  • being overweight
  • sit the wrong way
  • chronic disease in the body
  • improper weight lifting
  • always wear high-heeled footwear



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Home remedies to get rid of back pain



Educate on having back pain

If the back pain is due to an injury, then you can also apply ice in it, this will give you a lot of relief in the pain. Similarly, compressing with a heating pad also provides relief in back pain, but before using it, read the instructions given on it properly. Do not use it too hot, otherwise there is a risk of burning.


Use Pain Relief Ointment and Spray

You will easily find pain relief ointments and sprays for back pain in the market. If it hurts too much, use them. This will give you relief for some time.


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don't wear high heels

Wearing high-heeled sandals or high-shoes often causes people to complain of back pain, because by wearing high heels, the entire body weight is distributed incorrectly, which leads to problems of back, waist and knees. . Therefore, wear shoes or sandals that are not too high and support the feet. Better wear flats.



Get some sleep

Back pain is also mostly due to fatigue. Therefore, rest is very important. Rest is difficult due to busy day. So sleep on time at night and get full sleep.


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Pay attention to the way you sit and stand


Back pain

It has often been seen that people sit on a chair while reading or doing some work on the computer, as well as leaning while walking, which stretches the muscles of the neck and starts pain in the back. So if you are complaining of back pain, then pay attention to the way you sit and sit straight. This will reduce the problem of back pain.


Exercise can relieve back pain

Regular exercise is essential to get rid of back pain. For this, exercises like walking, yoga and swimming are very beneficial. This relieves the tension of the muscles and also provides relief in pain. For this, exercises like stretching are also effective.




According to Dr. HS Chhabra, Medical Director and Chief of Spine Services and Medical Director, Indian Spinal Injuries Center, “There are some things that should be taken care of in case of back pain. Such as severe pain even after taking home remedies or medicines, body temperature (fever), body weight being less than normal, due to some reason such as sitting in one position for a long time or posture is not correct while sitting. It is possible. Back pain can also occur due to intestinal or urine related problems or if there is any neurological problem, then it should not be ignored. If there is a complaint of back pain due to these problems, then in such a situation it is better to contact the doctor. On the other hand, if a person has mild back pain, then the option of exercise, especially stretching, yoga and massage, can be adopted.


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Which are helpful in reducing the problem of simple back pain? 


You can try these asanas for back pain:

Do Sarvangasana in back pain



How to do?


To do Sarvangasana, first of all lie down on the ground.

Now breathe inwards and move your legs upwards.

After your legs, move the waist and then the chest slightly.

Support your back with your hands.

Keep in mind that during this both your legs and waist should be straight.

Stay in this posture for some time and take the breath out and inhale.

After that slowly come back to normal position.

Repeat easy.

In this asana, the entire weight falls on the shoulders.

Do Makarasana in back pain



How to do?


To do Makarasana, lie down on your stomach on the ground.

Leave your body a little loose.

Keep a little distance between your feet.

Now raise your head, shoulders and chest slightly.

Fold both your arms and place them on top of each other under your face.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Now after some time open your eyes and come back to normal position.

Repeat this asana 8 -10 times daily for best results.



Do Tadasana in back pain


How to do?


To do Tadasana, first stand straight on the ground.

Keep a little distance between your two feet.

Now release your hands.

While inhaling, move both your hands above the head.

Interlock the fingers of both your hands.

Now raise your ankles so that, you can stand on the toes of your feet.

Stay in this position for some time.

After this, while exhaling, come to your normal position.



How to do?


To do Ardha-matsyendrasana, first sit on a yoga mat or rug and spread your legs in front.

Keep both the feet together and sit up straight.

Now bend your left leg and place its heel near the right hip.

Bend your right leg and bring it over the left knee and place it on the ground.

Place your right hand on the back and place the left hand on the right foot.

Now turn your waist, shoulders and neck to the right side and look over the shoulder to that side.

Stay in this position for some time and then come back to normal position while exhaling.

Then repeat this asana.


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