Make Your Favorite Shoes More Comfortable with Shoe Stretchers

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Using shoe stretchers is easy and helps to make you more comfortable.

How many times have you bought a really cute pair of shoes,Guest Posting but wished you had shoe stretchers because they were just a little bit too tight? Many of us, women especially, will risk being uncomfortable if they really like a pair of shoes that are a bit too tight, but this is not good for the feet. In fact, it can damage more than just a person’s feet to wear shoes that are too tight. Problems with the legs, knees, hips and back can all originate with foot problems, which can because by wearing shoes that don’t fit properly.

How to Stretch Your Shoes so They Fit Better

If your shoes are just a little bit too tight, you can easily stretch them. Of course, this is not going to work if you need to stretch them out a couple of sizes. You can only take the stretching so far before you do damage to the shoes that can’t be repaired. If you only need to stretch them a little bit, either in width or length, shoe stretchers are the ideal tools for the job, and they are fairly easy to use.

• Make sure that the stretcher is at a size small enough to fit right inside the shoe you want to stretch. You could actually damage the shoe if you try to put a stretcher in that is larger than the shoe itself.

• Place the stretcher inside the shoe, and then adjust the screw to make it larger, which will cause the shoe to stretch.

Shoe stretchers are shaped much like a foot, so they will work to stretch the entire shoe. If you only want to stretch the length or width and not both, you may need to get special stretchers, or take your shoes to a shoe repair shop to have them properly stretched for you.

Save Money Stretching Your Own Shoes

Many people take their shoes to shoe repair shops to get them stretched. While this is often more convenient than trying to do it yourself, it is also a lot more expensive. If you buy your own stretcher, you can stretch as many pairs of shoes that you want for one price. If you go to a repair shop, you will have to pay for every pair of shoes you want to have stretched. After a while, this is going to get pretty expensive. You can get a stretcher for your own shoes for less than $20 at any department store, and it will last for years and years.

The next time you have a pair of shoes that are too tight, instead of throwing them out or giving them away, try stretching them so they will fit better and be more comfortable. Using shoe stretchers is easy, and it only takes a day or two for your shoes to stretch to the size you want.

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