Male Infertility-Symptoms And Causes

Feb 3


Hakeem A.U. Hashmi

Hakeem A.U. Hashmi

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Earlier, our society’s perception was that problem of not getting pregnant or not having children is only associated to women directly. But now it is accepted by our society that men and women, both are responsible up to some extent for not having children. Infertility may be in both men and women.


An incompetence of a man to become a father is known as male infertility. It is now a common health issue in a man that let down the expectations of his female partner to get pregnant. Male infertility is ascribed by the sperm deficiency and quality. Male infertility refers to a man's inability to conceive by a woman and because of this if a woman is unable to get pregnant even after one year or more years of regular unprotected sexual intercourse then it may stipulate that a man may have infertility. There are some common symptoms of infertility in men such as:

  • When a woman is unable to get pregnant after having regular unprotected sex and not having infertility in herself.
  • When he has expansion in testicular vein.
  • When he is having problem with sex.
  • When he has low sperm count than the median volume in the semen.
  • When he faces abnormally chest enlargement which is known as Gynecomastia.
  • When he deals with pain and swelling in the testicles and its surroundings which is not normal. It could be related to imbalance of hormones and could be contributing to infertility.

There are some health related problems which men have and if not treated on time then these may turn into sterility. Following incorporates the causes of infertility in males.

  1. Low sperm count: Poor sperm quality and low sperm count are the major causes for infertility in men. If sperm count is low in semen then it causes lessen chances for a woman to conceive. 
  1. Endocrine Disorder: Endocrine system consists of many glands that command the production of major hormones in the physique. These hormones assist in the evolution of the body,Male Infertility-Symptoms And Causes Articles but due to malfunction of major hormones lead to high probability of men's infertility. 
  1. Genetic Abnormalities: Any change in chromosome may cause as a blockage in sperm flow as well as in sperm production. 
  1. Sperm Motility: It is also a main reason behind infertility in men. Due to insufficient locomotion of sperm, it does not inseminate with the female's egg. 
  1. Varicocele: It is one of the mainsprings among most common causes of low sperm production or poor sperm quality. In this case, the testicle nerves get inflammation and leads to maximum chances of infertility in men. 
  1. Infection: Infertility can also be caused by infections in the men's genitals. Some infections either create obstacles in sperm's formation or sperm duct defects. Also, sexually transmitted infections along with urethra infections may result in low sperm problems. 
  1. Testicles Overheating: Testicular overheating affects sperm count in many ways such as use of hot water to take bath, frequent use of hot tubs, wearing tight clothes and working on a laptop by keeping it on lap for long time etc. 
  1. Alcohol and Smoking: Testosterone levels as well as sperm count both are affected due to Excessive intake of alcohol and smoking. 
  1. Stress: Stress affects sperm in such a way that it imbalances some of the hormones-responsible for sperm's formation. 
  1. Overweight: Hormones are affected in form of changes due to obesity and may increase the possibility of men's infertility problem. 
  1. Other Causes: It includes radiation (which affects the formation of sperm) and Tumor (which affects on hormone’s production).


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