Medical Instruments Part 3

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This editorial is on the 16 various types of medical instruments. We publish articles on describing in detail about pessary, forceps, dilator and other medical tools.

This editorial is about the sixteen different types of surgical instruments. We publish articles discussing in detail about pessary,Guest Posting forceps, dilator and other medical tools.

Surgical Instrument: Hurd Dissector
Purpose: To Cut
Additional Info: Mostly seen during the procedure on the tonsils. A blunt retractor/dissector.

Surgical Instrument: Jacob Tenaculum
Purpose: To grasp
Additional Info: Normal GYN grabing clamp.

Surgical Instrument: Kerrison Ronguer
Alias: Kerrison Punch
Purpose: To cut the bone
Additional Info: For cutting bone in spine & cranial surgery.

Surgical Instrument: Key Elevator
Purpose: To dissect

Surgical Instrument: Klein Needle
Purpose: Injection
Additional Info: Put lipo moisture in the tissue. This gets the tissue ready for the liposuction.

Surgical Instrument: K-Wire Cutter
Purpose: To cut metal wires & K-wires.

Surgical Instrument: Lambotte Osteotome
Alias: Lambot
Purpose: Dissection
Additional Info: Obtainable with both straight and curved at the tip. Sometimes used to take bone and hip grafts.

Surgical Instrument: Grasper
Alias: Debakey Grasped
Purpose: To grasp
Additional Info: During laparoscopic surgery and for grabing the bowels.

Surgical Instrument: Laparoscopic Trocar
Purpose: It give access during laparoscopic surgery.
Additional Info: The trocar is used for introduction of the port to the abdomen , afterwards its moved around to allow trocar from the surgical instrument sets to go through.

Surgical Instrument: Liposuction Cannula
Alias: Lipo Cannula
Purpose: To dissect, mainly in moisturized areas
Additional Info: A common surgical tool seen largely during liposuction surgery.

Surgical Instrument: Curved Dissector
Alias: Maryland Grasper, dolphin nose
Purpose: To disect
Additional Info: Used to dissect during cholecystomy surgery. Often is used to ligate vessels and is attached to a cautery cord.

Surgical Instrument: Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder
Alias: Needle Driver
Purpose: To sutur
Additional Info: Available in a variety of sizes depending on the size of the needle to be used.

Surgical Instrument: Metzenbaum
Alias: Metz
Purpose: Cutting
Additional Info: To cut tissue

Surgical Instrument: Mouth gag extension
Purpose: Postioning device
Additional Info: Attaches to the Mayo stand to stretch the reach of the mouth gag in patients with a larger chest diameter.

Surgical Instrument: Tongue Blade for Mouth Gag
Purpose: Retraction
Additional Info: Attaches to the Davis Mouth gag to give exposure for the tonsil procedure.

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