An Overview of Surgical Instruments Part 5

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Presenting an editorial describing the various types of medical instruments. We release articles on describing in detail about pessary, forceps, dilator and other medical tools.

Presenting an editorial discussing the various types of medical instruments. We publish editorials discussing in detail about pessary,Guest Posting forceps, dilator and other medical tools.

Surgical Instrument: Shenoid Punch
Purpose: For Cutting
Info: Used on the sphenoid sinus cannal to make a hole in order to have access.

Surgical Instrument: Double Tooth Tenaculum
Purpose: To grasp

Surgical Instrument: Tendon Passerd
Info: Used for passing tendons for reattachment, normally seen in foot & hand procedures.

Surgical Instrument: Tonsil Snare
Purpose: To cut
Info: A wire snare extends from the barrel to surround the tonsil and then goes back to cut the tonsil at the base. Not normally found anymore in surgical instrument sets because of other methods to coagulate and cut the bleeding at the same time.

Surgical Instrument: Two Pronged Skin Hook
Purpose: To retract
Info: Small skin retractor.

Surgical Instrument: Vein Retractor
Purpose: Vein retractor.

Surgical Instrument: Vessel Irrigator
Purpose: Irrigation
Info: Has heparinized saline and is used for irrigation of blood vessels.

Surgical Instrument: Vessel Probe
Purpose: To probe
Info: Used to get the inner diameter and any blockages within blood vessels, typically between 1-6mm in diameter.

Surgical Instrument: Webster Needle Holder
Purpose: To sutur
Info: Has a smooth jaw so as to not damage delicate suturing material.

Surgical Instrument: Weeder Toungue Blade
Purpose: To retract
Info: to retract the tounge.

Surgical Instrument: Weighted Speculum
Purpose: Retraction
Info: during vaginal procedure it gives exposure.

Surgical Instrument: Woodson Elevator
Purpose: Elevator/Dissector
Info: Primarly used for getting out a heavy amount of irrigation fluids out abdominal cavityPrimarly used for getting out a large amount of irrigation fluids out abdominal cavity.

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