Medical transcription companies- a boon to the medical industry

Mar 15


Sharad Gaikwad

Sharad Gaikwad

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Printing and the soft copy forms are used rather than the old school ways of hand writing it. The same is applied with the medical services over the globe.


In today’s world the billing of various purposes is done in the non-traditional ways.

The medical transcription is the way medical billing is providing fast,Medical transcription companies- a boon to the medical industry Articles accurate and cut cost on medical transcription with higher security. The concept and benefits of medical transcription is well known to the medical industry.  Major Medical Transcription companies like Med scripts India, Acroseas, Acusis provide the country with their services and have proved to be a blessing to the healthcare industry. According to your medical transcription requirement, these firms can help you in every stage of the transcription process – right from dictation capturing to the document distribution. A firm with long term experience would intend on providing dedicated medical transcription services to their clients, leaving no scope for complaints as the accuracy is the most important factor.

The medical Transcription in India has gained a huge importance over a period of time. Many companies have been rapidly set up to evolve this concept in the medical field. Our medical transcription India facility consists of more than 300 medical transcriptionists and editors.  With the increase in demand for more accurate documentation of medical records, there is an increased trend for healthcare facilities to use medical transcription services from reliable firms. All healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities, acute care facilities, individual practitioners and group practices can benefit from these medical transcription services.

Good quality medical transcription services are high in demand. Many companies in India provide medical transcription services at a very economical rate using latest web based software technology without compromising the quality of service. They are now increasingly providing fast and accurate services for official medical and professional industries also. Because of their promise of low costs and great convenience, many health care professionals and organizations are outsourcing their medical transcription services to these companies. The Medical services outsourcing is now proving to be a boon to Indian medical industry, in terms of cost-cutting and time saving.

Major benefits You Can Expect from Transcription Companies are:

They have very low operating costs

Causes increase in productivity and render smooth workflow

Have reduced time in turn-around

They keep a complete security about the transcription data

Saves on the need for an in-house transcription department which saves on the area infrastructure

They have very high level of accuracy and also cost-saving up to 60-70%

Saves on time and money

Medical transcription companies have a number of well trained, experienced and certified experts who handle the transcriptions efficiently. They understand the finer details of transcription and go through each and every project to make sure that there are no errors at all with the entire process. The firms are equipped with the most up-to-date technology and infrastructure. Workforce comprises skilled transcriptionists, editors, proofreaders and quality analysts. Transcription services are provided for various medical reports including cardiology reports, history and physical examination reports, x-ray reports, medical evaluation, patient discharge summaries and many more services

The understanding between many countries has led to the constant development and acceptance of the medical transcription.