Mesothelioma - A Crisis

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Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is caused by excessive exposure to asbestos.

It is caused by inhalation of asbestos fibers in excessive amount that affect your lungs and abdominal cavities. The average lifetime of an inflicted person is less than 24 months.

It is unfortunate that this cancer is increasing at a rapid rate that it has already infected millions of people all over the world. These people are generally those who are working in companies that deal with asbestos refinery or manufacturing of asbestos products in one form or the other. People who are working in these companies day in and day out for their families,Guest Posting to give them better future do not know that while they are working so hard they are putting their own lives at stakes. They are exposed to harmful particles of asbestos all the day. They constantly inhale the white powder and even carry them to their home. And the worst thing to imagine is that they aren't aware of what harm they are doing to themselves. Mesothelioma has a relatively long latency period of nearly 30 years or more so it becomes too late for a person to realize that he have this cancer because this is how long it can take to manifest.

Its is quite unfortunately that even after knowing that asbestos is so much detrimental to human body, the companies are still employing people in vast number and are making millions, if not billions, of dollars. People have no choice but to work there, risking their own life for making money for their living. These companies are so selfish that instead of taking some steps to assuage the problem they choose to make profit with a deadly product.

It is not that mesothelioma is any new disease but it is now when it is showing its existence and devastating effects. In the recent past we have heard so many cases of mesothelioma that we are bound to do something to counteract it otherwise it will continue spreading its terrible disease over mankind.

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