Natural Healing Powers

Oct 25


Angela Power

Angela Power

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The once distinct boundaries of Eastern and Western medicine have become more and more infused as combinations of their various modalities take form. Having studied both conventional medicine and a combination of both Eastern and Western medicine, I have discovered where my preferences lie.


Practicing two very different forms of treatment massage,Natural Healing Powers Articles Traditional Chinese Massage and Physical Therapy plus Oriental Aromatherapy Massage and Bodywork, has been a satisfying and most rewarding occupation. Having studied both conventional medicine and a combination of both Eastern and Western medicine, I have found that my preference lies in the latter. This is not because I am anti conventional medicine but because I have experienced the "vis medicatrix naturae" (the healing force of nature) as being much more effective. Activating, releasing and unmasking the body's own natural healing power is far more clinically efficacious. This system of both prevention and healing through Traditional Chinese Massage techniques (no oil required) treats every clinical situation as fundamentally a stress problem and has the deliberate intention of realigning and reintegrating the body's own natural healing resources in a unique and powerful way. By approaching each person as an individual with unique requirements, a specific massage can be customized and powerfully effective through acupressure, soft tissue mobilization as well as gentle holistic techniques for acute or chronic ailments such as frozen shoulder, wry neck, and even sprained ankles.Each massage is approached with a global mind-set based on an understanding of the interactive relationships between different parts of the body and the way in which they each contribute to the whole being's response to the demands placed upon it. Having this approach facilitates two entirely different therapeutic strategies - firstly, reducing the stress load on the patient's body by removing harmful environmental stimuli and/or strengthening the body against future encroachment, secondly, increasing the resources of the patient - by making the whole body and its functions and processes more physiologically efficient.In comparison the approach of Oriental Aromatherapy is such that essential oils are chosen from an energetic perspective rather than choosing them according to different ailments. The essential oils are blended in a cold pressed carrier oil such as sweet almond or a blend of nourishing oils. When oils are chosen according to the imbalance of the five elements - fire, earth, water, metal and wood the combined oils are indicated for physical, emotional, mental and imbalance. Each essential oil has a yin or yang quality such as cooling or warming energy, drying for dampness; stimulating, cleansing energy for congestion or a gentle moving action for stuck energy. Once again understanding the interactive relationships between different parts of the whole being and having determined this through a variety of diagnostic techniques the essential oils are chosen and blended accordingly. From this approach the style of Aromatherapy massage is then perfected including gentle acupressure, soft tissue mobilization, rocking and subtle cranial therapy. The outcome of generating a synergistically woven massage style is the inner harmony that allows natural healing to occur!In the 18 years that I have been practicing, many sceptics have been converted and nine out of ten people continue to fall asleep by the end of a massage; much to their surprise. Not only do they feel more relaxed and in tune but they have an inner calmness beyond words.