People with sensitive skin was better to fix using one kind of cosmetic

May 18


David Yvon

David Yvon

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Cosmetic allergy is due to some ingredients in the cosmetics, stimulate skin cells, make the skin cells producing antibodies, so that lead to allergies.


Cosmetic raw materials are complex, People with sensitive skin was better to fix using one kind of cosmetic  Articles containing a variety of chemical substances, such as pigments, perfumes, preservatives, emulsifiers and various starting nutrition or improving effect of the additive, can irritate the skin and cause allergy to cosmetics. In addition, some exfoliating chemical substances or cosmetic procedures make antigen easier access stratum corneum and trigger allergic reactions, some experimental results show that the skin frequency exposed to the allergen is also an important factor of allergic reactions. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, beauty, cosmetics as fashion are increasingly common, cosmetic allergy problems also be increased, the most important is contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis, and a substantial proportion of facial contact dermatitis are caused by cosmetics.

The most common sensitizer caused cosmetics allergy are fragrances, preservatives, heavy metals. Heavy metal is refer to those with exfoliation, whitening properties lead, mercury content exceeded the cosmetics; spices include: the large jasmine flowers essence, international essence, tuberose A type essence, white roses essence, lilac essence, sweet-scented osmanthus essence. Preservatives include: imidazolidinyl urea, paraben, bronopol, formaldehyde. In addition, there are also have hair dye para-phenylenediamine, cobalt chloride, Oil nickel sulfate and rosin. Spices mentioned here is not a natural quality essential oil, it is generally inferior essence or chemical essence, but after artificial perfuming, it smells good, but the effect can not be guaranteed. According to the latest survey by tretinoin manufacturer, reduce wrinkles, photo-aging skin, acne, pigmentation, there are not existing other cosmetic raw materials that more effective than hydroxy acids (AHAs), tretinoin, kojic acid, arbutin. However, the side effects of these ingredients (skin allergies, hormone dermatitis) are inevitable.

In order to avoid the emergence of cosmetic allergy, effective prevent and treat cosmetic allergy problems, select skin cosmetics should pay attention to understand your skin type, choose the cosmetics which the most suitable for you; choose cosmetics without lead and mercury to prevent chronic poisoning caused by long-term use; Do not use long time storage cosmetics, to prevent the nutrients in the cosmetics oxidation decomposed, external contamination in the use process, bacteria or fungi and other microorganisms blooms cause skin irritation, allergic; preferably fixed use one kind of brand, because frequently replace cosmetics, the skin continuous contact new stimulus to accelerate the decline of the skin cells, resulting in skin aging and pigmentation abnormalities. We should be according to their own skin types and seasons to select the cosmetics. Such as dry skin people use moisturizing oily cosmetics, oily skin people use the silty less oil cosmetics, autumn and winter dry seasons are prefer to use cold cream, moisturizer and less or no use cream, honey class (milk) can be used in four seasons. Under normal circumstances, not makeup, before going to sleep at night should remove facial cosmetics. If you can be aware of the choice of cosmetics, you will be able to prevent the emergence of cosmetic allergy to the maximum extent.