RetinA Acne Cream - Is It A Good Acne Treatment?

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There are lots of acne creams that contain RetinA as the active ingredient.  This treatment is popular, however, may not be for everyone.  This article discusses how RetinA works as well as some of the pros and cons associated with it.  Hopefully you can decide if RetinA is for you, after reading about this acne cream ingredient.

RetinA is a dermatologist prescribed cream for skin that is used as acne cream and other types of skin treatments.  This is a very popular medication prescribed for acne and many teenagers and adults use it today.Acne is a skin condition that can affect any age of individuals including babies,Guest Posting teenagers, and adults.  This can be a difficult condition to fight and in most cases requires the use of some sort of acne cream or treatment to minimize the visibility.  One well-known and commonly used cream for acne is RetinA.  RetinA is a shortened word for retinoic acid.  This acid is designed to improve skin tone, scars, minimize acne, and other issues resulting in problems of the epidermal layer of the skin.  The active ingredient of RetinA is called tretinoin, which comes from vitamin A.  Tretinoin works to remove oily and infectious plugs within the skin acne cause and prevent new plugs from developing.  The FDA has approved RetinA as an acne cream and it is clinically proven to be effective for some types of skin acne.RetinA is a very powerful acne cream and although it is effective for some it may not work as well for others.  This just means that you need something different.  You should never double the dosage for RetinA to get better results because doing this can cause serious redness and even more discomfort than your acne is causing.  It is recommended to people who use RetinA acne cream to remain out of the sun during use of this product using this type of acid on your skin can make it photosensitive.  This means that your skin will burn quickly and you will get burned.  If you do get a sunburn while using RetinA it is important to remember to remain out of the sun and do not use the acne cream until the redness is entirely gone from your skin.RetinA is a popular remedy for acne treatment that many people use today.  You cannot get this type of acne cream without a prescription from a doctor.  If you think you have acne and would like to try this cream then you should talk to your doctor and determine if it is right for you.  RetinA does not work for everyone but it has shown very positive results for a large percentage of people fighting acne problems.Those that experience a side effect with RetinA usually have dry skin, flaking, and increased irritation of the breakouts.  For example, the redness around a pimple could end up looking worse.  For those people who end up with a result like this from RetinA, or for those who don’t wish to risk having a side effect like this, there are other alternatives that kill the bacteria just as well but without the risk.  One very exciting ingredient in acne creams is resveratrol, which is contained in the Dermajuv Acne Treatment line, for example.  This ingredient was proven by Oxford University to kill bacteria as well as benzoyl peroxide and other medications, but it had none of the side effects, and even offers an “anti aging” benefit to its users.

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