Significance of handwashing among kids

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Hand hygiene is an essential element for maintaining good health. From children to adults, it plays a very important role in reducing the spread of infections from one to another. In the case of adults, they are more sensible and can take proper care of themselves. Whereas, kids are notorious and careless towards their health and hygiene.

They are so naive that they engage in risky and impulsive conduct such as playing in the dirt,Guest Posting not washing their hands frequently, touching unhygienic things, etc. It is very common for a kid to get sick from viral infections. So, it is necessary to teach children how to wash their hands with soap and water or with a hand sanitizer at regular intervals to avoid germs contamination.


How do germs spread among children?


Kids are more prone to catch germs in the following ways-

  • Getting in contact with a sick or about to be a sick person.
  • Germs can also spread when kids touch their dirty diapers.
  • Harmful bacterias are also present in the surroundings including food and water. If your kid touches contaminated food or water then he/she is likely to transmit disease into his/her body.
  • Some common surfaces such as furniture, computers, etc., can be germ-ridden. Children can catch diseases from them.


To avoid transmission, you must teach your kids to wash their hands properly.


Best ways to educate kids to wash their hands properly-


  • You can teach children by demonstrating. Small children learn best by watching and doing the same. The hearing will not work as they are usually in their world and may not pay attention to it.
  • Make the kids practise every technique until they master it.
  • Teach one technique at a time to make them grasp easily.
  • Try to build their interest in handwashing by reading healthy stories, following hand hygiene advertisements and billboards. This will reinforce the habit of handwashing among children.
  • You can make your kids watch hygienic videos and learn the importance of handwashing.
  • Come up with a game for the kids where they will learn at the same time


Which infections can be prevented by washing hands with soap and water or a sanitizer?


Several harmful infections can be prevented by the simple act of washing hands whether with water and soap or a hand sanitizer. Common flu, cold, hepatitis A and bronchitis are some of the everyday diseases found in kids. Children need to wash their hands as a safety measure to control the spread of these diseases into their bodies.

How to clean hands- With a liquid hand sanitizer?

  • Apply some sanitizer on one hand
  • Rub over both hands including surfaces between fingers.
  • Now let it dry


When should children clean their hands?


  • After playing outside
  • Before and after eating
  • After playing with animals
  • After coughing and sneezing
  • After using restrooms
  • After coming home from school




Teaching kids to wash hands at an early age is developing a healthy lifelong habit. Try some attractive incentive policies and rewards or fun activities to remind them to wash their hands. Make sure they carry sanitizers wherever they go. This way they will learn to keep their hands clean while having fun.

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