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Healthcare is one of the most ambitious and complex elements of the human experience. It is also ubiquitous; we all come in contact with the world of healthcare throughout our lives.


Climate change,Guest Posting and its inextricable link to health, is a significant problem for younger physicians; the health implications of climate change will increasingly be seen in everyday practice, regardless of specialty. The devastating consequences of catastrophic heatwaves and bushfires in 2019-20 on patients, communities, and healthcare systems demonstrated the truth of climate change. Furthermore, the health co-benefits of climate action are numerous, with climate action projects contributing to improved mental health, cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses, as well as decreased cancer and obesity rates. All of this demonstrates that climate change is a dire and time-sensitive situation for the health industry and that we are firmly in 'our lane.' The most essential thing for you to understand is that there is still hope that we can do what needs to be done, and even more importantly, that you have a critical role to play in helping humankind turn things around.

It's straightforward in the sense that we know what's causing it: greenhouse gas emissions and commercial devastation of the natural environment. But it's tricky in that it has a slew of side effects, from rising sea levels to increased agricultural pests to vanishing species, and countries are trying to find methods to minimize and adapt while maintaining the status quo.  Explorethespacehow has complied some climate podcasts to show genuine facts of climate.

TIL Climate

This short audio is great for learning about a variety of difficult climate issues. Episodes last around 15 minutes and cover subjects including carbon capture, renewable technologies, energy efficiency, and more.

For What It’s Earth

Lloyd Hopkins and Emma Brisdion have a cheerful, easygoing relationship that makes difficult, complex topics like wildfires, fast fashion, and flooding not only approachable but also delightful. Expert visitors are brought regularly to address issues including insects, sustainable cities, and electric automobiles. With a wonderful episode about tea and coffee, For What It's Earth has passed the 50-episode mark.

Emergency Magazine Podcast

The Indigenous viewpoints are the focus of the Emergence Magazine Podcast. An interview with editor-in-chief Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee or articles read by activists, authors, philosophers, and scientists are included in each episode. Recent pieces by author and scientist Robin Wall Kimmerer include an article on the woods that encircle Mount Kenya, a meditation on the environmental wisdom of Druidry, and a truly beautiful comment on alternative economic models.

America Adapts

Climate adaptation, which involves assisting communities in coping with the effects of climate change, is sometimes overshadowed by climate mitigation, which encompasses all measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, governments throughout the world are quickly realizing that there is no way to avoid the effects of climate change, and that adaptation requires money. Host Doug Parsons interviews scientists, activists, officials, and journalists on America Adapts to discover more about how communities are adjusting to climate change, as well as a variety of other issues such as climate reparations.

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Healthcare is one of the most ambitious and complex elements of the human experience. It is also ubiquitous; we all come in contact with the world of healthcare throughout our lives.

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