Soothing a Distressed, Sore Male Organ - How to Heal from Friction Damage

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Long considered a women's domain, the vibrating tool is now being used by many men, sometimes resulting in a sore male organ. Adventurous men are currently enjoying the thrill of vibratory sensation.

Few things give a man more pleasure than a powerful release,Guest Posting but the overactive pursuit of this goal can occasionally lead to a sore male organ. Vibrating tools, long the province of women, have over the years become more acceptable as a male sensual aid. Those who may overindulge in vibratory pleasures may need to take steps to ensure they practice proper male organ care to promote healing.

The old reliable model

When men thank of vibrating tools, most probably think of the traditional "wand" style.  This is the kind found in uncounted adult movies in which a lovely female pleasures herself with a vibrating male organ substitute.

Often the toy is sleek and smooth and generally much longer than the average male organ; thickness can vary (just as male organ thickness may vary). Some toys are molded to bear a stronger physical resemblance to the shape of a male organ, although again they are usually created on a larger-than-life scale.

Men can use these traditional tools to bring intense pleasure.  Some men enjoy starting off a solo session by running the toy all over their soft male organ, letting it bring the tissues to attention; others prefer to obtain the necessary firm state and then begin exploring vibratory sensations.

There's variety in vibrating tools

Many men don't realize that toys come in many more shapes and sizes than the above-mentioned traditional model.  This may come as welcome news to men if the traditional model's resemblance to a manhood makes them hesitant to use it.

Here are some of the other styles of vibrating tools available to adventurous men:

1. The egg - An oval, egg-shaped design may be just the ticket for some guys. The smoothness of its oval shape makes it ideal for rubbing all over a guy's manhood. Guys should be advised, however, that it's harder to hold than a typical tool, and the tingling may cause a numbness in the hand that holds it.

2. The vibrating sleeve - These are adult toys that seek to recreate the feel of a woman. Typically, a silicone, rubber or fabric casing is created with enough space to accommodate a firm male organ. The user either thrusts into the sleeve with his male organ or lets the male organ stay still and moves the sleeve up and down with his hand. Some sleeves are made with a vibrating element, and this can enhance the experience for many.

3. Finger tools - These miniature versions can be strapped onto a finger. This can be a real treat for guys, as it supplies intense tingling sensations and can be maneuvered with special ease. Finger tools are especially useful for stimulating the perineum, which is often ignored by men.

4. Male organ rings - Many male organ rings are made with a miniature vibrating attachment. The male organ ring is used by some men to provide a more intense firmness; the vibrating element provides a sensation at the base of the male organ. Many men who then simultaneously provide manual stimulation at the head report experiencing an especially noteworthy release.

Many men who explore the use of a tool will enjoy the new dimension it can bring to their sensual lives. The danger is that this new addition will lead a man to overindulge, resulting in an intensely sore male organ.

There are worse things in life than a sore male organ, of course, especially when one can use a male organ nutrient cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to help tend to the soreness and tenderness.  Those with a high end moisturizer, such as Shea butter, will offer soothing, healing effects. If the cream includes L-arginine, it can help with blood flow to the male organ, which further encourages an increase in oxygen availability and nutrient delivery.

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