Soothing Dry Male Organ Skin – Natural Solutions for that Rough and Wrinkled Look

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No man likes to look down and see a dry male organ or shriveled-looking package, especially when he's trying to impress a potential partner. Fortunately, in most cases, the right moisturizer can provide the right help.

Men can be very vain about their equipment,Guest Posting and nothing can cause annoyance, worry or anxiety like a wrinkled-looking, dry male organ. On the other hand, while the less-than supple appearance may not show off the package in the best possible light, it is not necessarily a sign of poor male organ health.

Male organ proud

Let's face it: all men are peacocks when it comes to the engine between their legs. There's hardly a guy alive who hasn't spent hours admiring his buff profile in the mirror. Adolescent males - and plenty of adult ones, too - can obsess about the right way to arrange their equipment so that it is shown off to the best effect. And why not? Male organ pride seems to be something that men are born with and there's no reason to be ashamed of it.

Male organ paranoia

Sometimes, however, being so focused on the manhood can lead a man to needless concern. Any slight imperfection can be blown out of proportion, and a man can easily become paranoid about the health and appearance of his male organ, even when there may be little or nothing wrong with it.

The wrinkled male organ is one example. Many males, especially adolescent or younger men, become anxious when they notice "wrinkles" in their soft male organs. Most of the time, these aren't actually wrinkles; they're little folds of skin that naturally occur when the member is at rest, and especially when the member is in its most compact state.

One of the slang terms for the male organ is "trouser snake," and more than one young male has probably had that term in mind when making the following argument about a wrinkled member: When a real snake is resting, its skin doesn't get all folded and wrinkled. Why does the skin of a male organ, unless something is wrong with it? The simple answer, of course, is that a snake doesn't undergo a significant variation in size the way that a male organ does. If it did, its skin would probably get wrinkled, too.

Stretching out

The manhood is quite a different matter. A firm male organ may be two or three times the size of a soft one. When fully firm, the skin is stretched taut; when soft, there's simply a bit more of the skin than there is male organ, resulting in the wrinkly folds. These are almost always normal and no cause for concern.

The dry look

A different sort of wrinkle, that which resembles cracks, is also often normal but in some cases may require attention. A dry male organ may result in these crackly wrinkles, especially on the glans. For many men, this crackly look comes with no physical discomfort, but they don't care for the appearance. In such cases, applying an appropriate moisturizer or nutrient cream may be all that is needed to help rejuvenate the skin and make these particular wrinkles go away.

The dryness and wrinkling may also be related to irritation caused by rough use or overindulgence. A soap that is too caustic can also bring this state about, as can laundry detergents that are too strong or that may be causing a slight allergic reaction.

Other times a dry male organ with this crackly, wrinkled appearance may indicate a problem that might require medical attention. If a man is uncut, it may indicate the presence of a fungal infection underneath the sheath. Whether cut or not, it could also be related to a yeast infection or to other common male equipment issues.

In any event – whether the male organ is dry, rough-looking, wrinkled or itchy, the use of a male organ nutrient cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help keep one's manhood feeling happy and healthy. A male organ nutrient cream with Shea butter can help to soothe and pamper a dry member. Alpha lipoic acid, found in some creams, is especially good at preventing male organ wrinkles; creams with vitamin C can help maintain a member's youthful look. A cream like this can be applied after a daily shower for a smoother, suppler appearance.

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