Stomach Problems Caused By Smoking

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The stomach problems associated with smoking are many. Smoking meddles with the fluid secretion in the body and that can upset the digestive system in a big way. These stomach problems are reversible and can be temporary.

Quitting smoking is the easiest way to reduce these stomach problems. And there are a few natural remedies to help with. 

The hazards of smoking are not restricted to the stomach problems,Guest Posting it can affect any part of the digestive system. These stomach problems create symptoms like stomach aches, upset stomach, burning sensation etc. The natural remedies for stomach problems like Digestinol have limitations in its actions when the smoking is continued. Digestinol will have better effects after smoking is stopped.

Smokers have complained that they are often nauseated after smoking on an empty stomach. The reason is that the nicotine stimulates the stomach acid production. It is this increased acid that cause nausea. It also irritates the stomach and intestine.

Crohn’s disease: The exact way by which smoking causes Crohn’s disease is not specific. But it is a fact that smoking can damage the mucus lining of the digestive tract. When this protective lining is damaged, the tissues under that is exposed to infections and inflammations. Crohn’s diseases are an inflammatory disease of the small intestine. When the mucus lining is damaged it is easier to have inflammations. It is also noted that smoking reduces the blood flow and the natural anti-inflammatory substances inside the body are blocked to reach the site and worsens the inflammation.

Heartburn is the most common stomach problem associated with smoking. The nicotine in the tobacco triggers more stomach acid production. It can also relax the esophageal muscles and the muscles that hold the stomach acid inside the stomach. When these muscles are relaxed, the fluid can travel up and reach the esophagus. This when combined with low salivation in the mouth, there is nothing to neutralize the acid, the frequent acid reflux lead to burning sensation. Smoking also does some damage to the mucus lining along the esophageal tube that also increases the heartburn as the tissues under are exposed to the stomach acid.

Peptic Ulcers are yet other common stomach problem. It is mostly related to the stomach acid production and that process is restricted by smoking. The stomach acid is acidic and the acid that is unused is neutralized by the pancreas by secreting sodium bicarbonate. Smoking increases the acid production but reduces the bicarbonate amount. The result is stomach remaining acidic for long. Smoking can also favor the bacterial infection that is the main cause for the peptic ulcer formation.

Stomach cancer: Nicotine is carcinogenic, period. The cancer causing cells are present in everyone and it only needs a trigger to grow uncontrollably. That trigger here happens to be the nicotine in the tobacco. Smoking makes some amount of smoke to be swallowed and the tobacco reaches the stomach also. The cigarettes also have other toxic substances that too can cause cancer. The risk of developing stomach cancer due to smoking is also increased by age and gender. People who are above the age of 55 and men are more likely to have this stomach problem.

Liver disease: Smoking makes the liver functioning tough and its ability to eliminate toxins from the body. The liver tissues may also get damaged due to smoking. All these leave scars in the liver which can spread wide leading to hepatitis C. Smoking along with alcohol can worsen any liver damage.

Can quit smoking reverse these stomach problems

Yes, quitting smoking can reverse these stomach problems, except cancer. Research has found that people who have quit smoking have shown reduced symptoms of these stomach problems that those who continued smoking. Especially for heartburn and ulcers, quitting smoking has brought considerable change in the nature of those stomach problems.

Other natural remedies to cure these stomach problems
  • Apple cider vinegar can neutralize the stomach acid in the absence of enough bicarbonate. It is an excellent cure for acid reflux. Mix 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and have it.
  • Drink plenty of water to compensate for the lack of saliva in the mouth which also helps reduce the heartburn.
  • Taking a burnt toast is also a cure for acid reflux and reduces the chances of ulcer formation.
  • Taking rice water (the water in which rice is cooked) can reduce the stomach pain. While cooking rice, add an extra cup of water, when the rice is cooked, strain the water and drink it by adding a little salt. A little pickle will improve the taste and is beneficial for the digestive flora.

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