Advantages of White Vinegar in Cleaning

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Vinegar is a common pantry ingredient that can used for several tasks, such as cooking, food storing, cleaning, disinfecting and laundry. Of all the types of vinegar, the market demand for white vinegar is the highest. Nobody needs an introduction about white vinegar cleaning floors, carpets, mattress, glass and any other surfaces, except for plated ones.

And the best part is,Guest Posting white distilled vinegar is environmental friendly and inexpensive in comparison to cleaning solutions sold in the market. White Vinegar Cleaning TipsAs you search for household cleaning products, you will get a plethora of brands. Many of them are formulated with strong chemicals and at times, toxic compounds. As expected, they are also pricey too. So, the most reliable cleaning agent is white distilled vinegar. While purchasing vinegar from the market, check for its acidity strength. Most brands have a diluted concentration, about 5 percent. You can use it for a long period from the date of purchasing. Some of the white vinegar cleaning instructions are listed below:

  • Once in a while, disinfect the doorknob, doors and windows by using white vinegar. Dip a soft cloth in vinegar and wipe the surfaces. This will kill harmful bacteria and microbes that tend to grow in these surfaces.
  • Cleaning with vinegar is effective to get rid of decals, adhesive or other gluey substances. To remove decals, soak them with full strength vinegar for 10 minutes, and try peeling off in a steady speed.
  • White vinegar cleaning is applicable for tarnished copper and brass. Make a paste out of 1 tablespoon table salt and 1 tablespoon vinegar. Using a rough cloth, rub this to metal surfaces to give them a shining effect.
  • Vinegar is also an excellent solution for rinsing glassware and cookware (coffee maker, tea maker). Add sufficient amount of white vinegar solution and rinse thoroughly. Wash with lukewarm water and pat them dry with a clean towel. For detailed info, refer to coffee maker cleaning with vinegar.
  • Plastic containers and lunch boxes that become smelly can be deodorized by wiping with dilute white vinegar. First, dilute full strength vinegar with water, and use the solution for cleaning plastic containers.
  • While using vinegar to clean hardwood floors, dust them before you actually use vinegar. Make a dilute white vinegar cleaning solution by adding ½ cup vinegar in 1 gallon warm water. Dip mop in the solution, and mop in the regular way as you do before.
  • White vinegar is excellent for getting rid of unwanted odor in the bathroom (or kitchen). For bathroom cleaning, use mix 1 cup vinegar in 1 gallon water and wipe the walls with this mixture. This acidic solution is effective for eliminating room odor, thereby leaving a fresh scent.
  • As far as white vinegar carpet cleaning is concerned, soak up the spills as much as you can, and spray white vinegar over the stain area. Leave for some time and clean with a soft brush. Repeat the steps for vinegar application and cleaning, until stains disappear completely.
  • Coming to white vinegar cleaning pet stains, it not only removes the stains, but also discourages household pet to puddle in the previous area. Blot the urine first with paper towels, and remove stain with vinegar. Add baking soda over the area and leave overnight.
  • In the kitchen, use white vinegar to clean sink fixtures and kitchen countertop. Fill it in a spray bottle and spray some over tough greases. Rub with a kitchen rug after some time, and the cleaned surface will gleam like brand new.
  • If your kitchen drain has clogging problems, consider cleaning with vinegar and baking soda. Add 1 cup of baking soda, followed by 1 cup hot vinegar. Let the mixture stand for 5-10 minutes and do its work. Finish off by flushing drain with hot water.
  • Clean soap buildup in the dishwasher and remove odor (if any) by using white vinegar. All you need for cleaning dishwasher with vinegar is add 1½ cups of white distilled vinegar in the machine, and run a complete wash cycle. Repeat if necessary.
  • White vinegar cleaning garbage disposal can be proceeded in the same way. You just need to reduce the quantities of baking soda and vinegar to ½ cup. Pour baking soda and vinegar, leave for 5 minutes and run hot water.
  • For getting rid of stubborn stains, you can make a scouring paste by mixing white vinegar with baking soda (¼ cup) and liquid detergent (1 tablespoon). Make the consistency thick and creamy. Use it as a scouring cleanser whenever required.

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