Teen Depression - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Jun 12


Sander Bel

Sander Bel

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Teen depression is a common and growing problem. Teen depression can be found in more than 8% of the teenage population.

Teen depression often occurs with other illnesses,Teen Depression - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Articles including anxiety and disruptive behavior. Abuse of drugs or alcohol is common among those with teen depression. Teen depression varies in severity and may be triggered by many factors, such as a traumatic experience, stress or even a change in seasons. Teen depression affects people in every socioeconomic group. One reason for taking teen depression seriously is that it may increase the risk of suicide. Research supported by the NIMH found that among those who develop teen depression, as many as 7% may commit suicide in their young adult years. Teen depression may also result in various stress-related diseases. People who have depression are sad and often express their sadness by crying. They may have feelings of worthlessness and helplessness. They may be indifferent or feel extreme guilt, and may withdraw from activities they previously enjoyed. However, teen depression does not always manifest itself in the same way as adult depression. There are many different kinds of depression, too: melancholia, endogenous depression, exogenous depression and reactive depression.

Depressed teen may be agitated and irritable, instead of seeming sad and hopeless. Teen depression causes a variety of serious problems and can affect any teen at any time. Any teen male or female can be depressed. Teens of every race, gender, ethnic heritage, and religion can be depressed. Even teens that come from rich, famous, or successful families can go through severe depression that can lead to a teen suicide.Teen depression is growing at an alarming rate. About 18 million Americans or more experience depression. Anywhere between 112,000 and 2,324,000 of them are teens. Some mental health professionals believe that as many as 20 percent of high school students are deeply unhappy or have some kind of psychiatric problem. Teens who seem continually sad, angry, confused, misunderstood, or rebellious are probably depressed. Teen depression affects more young people today than ever before.An individual with teen depression may have headaches and stomachaches, and may have difficulty sleeping. Other signs of teen depression include an inability to concentrate, a change in appetite and loss of energy.

Twenty years ago depression in children was almost unknown. Now the fastest rate of increase in depression is among young people. Again, this backs up the fact that most depression is not caused by chemical imbalances, whether in adolescents, teenagers or adults. Researchers believe teen depression is caused by a combination of factors. It is often triggered by a major loss, such as through death or divorce, but abuse of alcohol or drugs can cause or complicate teen depression. Girls are twice as likely as boys to develop teen depression. Recent studies have linked depression, including teen depression, to genetics resulting in an imbalance in the chemicals that allow brain cells to communicate. Close relatives of people with teen depression are more likely than the general population to develop depression. Depression in adolescents may be difficult to spot because sulkiness, irritability, antisocial behaviour, negativity and withdrawal often go hand in hand with growing up.

Causes of Teen Depression

1.Genetics probably play a role in who gets depressed.

2.Losing a loved one can also be enough to trigger depression in some people.

3.Environment factors.

4.Chemical imbalance of the brain.

Symptoms of teen depression


2.Psychomotor agitation or retardation.

3.Fatigue or loss of energy.

4.Feelings of worthlessness.

5.Extreme sensitivity to rejection or failure.

6.Poor concentration.

7.Low self esteem and guilt.