The Best Hair Loss Shampoos Contain Anti-Inflammatory Topical Ingredients

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While the best hair loss shampoos contain ketoconazole, a topical anti-fungal ingredient that is clinically proven to topically inhibit the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone or DHT (the primary hormone responsible for hair loss), the best hair loss shampoos should also contain a variety of anti-inflammatory ingredients.


There are two reasons for this.


The first reason is to prevent dry scalp. Ketoconazole, while moderately to extremely effective at preventing androgen-related hair loss, is often quite harsh on the scalp. Ketoconazole is actually a high-powered anti-fungal ingredient that helps prevent dandruff. Ketoconazole is considered so strong that the 2% version is available by prescription only.


For years, the only mainstream shampoo that contained ketoconazole was Nizoral. Thousands of people figured out that anti-dermatitis shampoo Nizoral would help prevent male pattern baldness – especially bodybuilders and athletes who were experiencing hair loss from steroids. While Nizoral shampoo is effective, it does not contain any anti-inflammatory ingredients and even the label suggests that it is not ideal for daily use. Most guys that use Nizoral (and especially the 2% strength Nizoral) report having dry scalp or non-dandruff flakes. Anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients can prevent ketoconazole induced dry scalp.


The second reason is that anti-inflammatory ingredients may help prevent hair loss. While the hormone DHT is undoubtedly the main culprit of pattern balding, a seldom-discussed component of hair loss is inflammation. DHT, by nature, is a very inflammatory hormone. This inflammation disrupts the normal growth of scalp hairs that are prone to androgenic alopecia (ironically more often increases the growth of body hairs).


Since the body of research linking inflammation to hair loss is just developing, this is in no way to suggest that simply lowering inflammation (with reducing scalp or systematic DHT) on your scalp will prevent genetic hair loss. Unfortunately, certain “anti-hair loss” shampoos that do not combat DHT or address the hormonal pathways of genetic alopecia claim that they will reduce hair loss because they contain certain moisturizers or anti-inflammatories. These are not among the best hair loss shampoos and will not work.


The combination of topical ketoconazole with anti-inflammatory moisturizing ingredients will prevent androgen DHT-related hair loss and prevent your scalp from becoming dried out. The three best ketoconazole shampoos for preventing hair loss or hair loss from steroids are Regenepure, Perfect Image Solutions’ Hair Regrowth Shampoo and Revita Shampoo by Divine Skin Laboratories. All of these shampoos contain anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients to off set dry scalp and may help further minimize hair loss.


These ingredients include: emu oil, jojoba seed oil and cocamidopropyl betaine – among several others.


In a 2003 study in the journal “Lipids” scientists found that emu oil, when topically applied, reduced inflammation in CD-1 mice. Regenepure, Revita and Perfect Image Solutons’ Hair Regrowth Shampoo all contain emu oil.


In a 2008 study in the “Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology” scientists found that jojoba seed oil had a clinically significant protective effect on the conditioning on Afro-ethnic hair chemically treated with thioglycolate-based straightening emulsion. Regenepure contains this ingredient.


Cocamidopropyl betaine is a more common ingredient. It can be found as a moisturizing ingredient in most shampoos. Like emu oil and jojoba seed oil, it is clinically proven to reduce inflammation when it is topically applied.


For more information on clinically proven ingredients, treatments and shampoos that can reduce or prevent androgenic alopecia please visit: Best Hair Loss Shampoos

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