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Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

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Toxic smog in air induce diseases like coughing, lung infections, eye related ailments etc. In America air pollution inflicts such diseases wherein 60% pollution is due to motor vehicles and 30% due to various industries. Space travelers by journeying 70 miles above earth’s atmosphere saw earth wherein Los Angeles in USA, an industrialized city was veiled by dirty smog.


In order that man remains sound in health and happy 2 things is most required viz. pure unpolluted air and clean clear water. All other material comforts/facilities take 2nd spot. In the sequence of requirements they take 1st and 2nd spot respectively. Food stands 3rd in position. For at least a few days one can remain alive without food and for a lesser time span than this one can live without drinking water. But as far as air is concerned its need is so intense that one cannot live without it even for a few moments. Further if we have to breathe in a dirty polluted atmosphere we shall become victims of various simple/deadly diseases.

In order to remain healthy it is just not enough to breathe in air because more than this the requirement is of clean unpolluted air for inhalation. But today in this modern scientific age smoke from factories, THE DAY WE SHALL BECOME ILL MERELY ON INHALING AIR Articles carbon emitted by chimney smoke, furnace emissions and other tainted materials has rendered air so toxic that it is but natural for deeply thinking great men to get worried. Recently in many countries regarding this heinous problem a lot of worry is being harbored and public exhibitions to highlight this problem too have been showcased.

 A glimpse of the reactions of air pollution can be understood via a few episodes: In 1952 in whole of London for 4 days a fog of smoke (smog) covered the sky ceaselessly. As a result about 4000 people died. In 1945 in USA’s Danora city a very similar type of smog covered its sky. Hence hundreds of people got afflicted with breathing ailments and diseases. The cause in both these cities was one: Due to usage of coal factories emitted deadly sulfur dioxide gas into the atmosphere.

In Japan’s capital Tokyo the police after every half an hour had to inhale oxygen from oxygen cylinders because due to smoke emissions from cars, trucks etc the measure of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere increases.

On the roads of Japan’s capital Tokyo vehicles that ply increase in number. Thus at that time smoke content increases so much that at the government level announcements for public security have to be made. Government officials in order to get saved from its choking effect wear gas masks. In 1966 in Tokyo 65 times this sort of warning was officially announced. The traffic police every half an hour while staying away from duty temporarily would head to the nearby pavement corner where oxygen cylinders were kept and would inhale oxygen from it. Many a times it so happened that when the police erred by not going to inhale oxygen many of them together lost consciousness.

In Japan for every 100 persons at least 1 person gets afflicted by bronchitis. The cause for this is nothing but this smoke emitted by moving vehicles, factories etc. Over here amongst American soldiers present a new disease has emerged called ‘Tokyo Yokohama Disease’. The cause for this disease according to medical experts too is dirt present in air. In it one cannot breathe easily, one gets a choking feeling, lots of coughing, indigestion etc is noted.

In South America’s Brazil country Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are neighboring cities. Around the year 1944 the population of Sao Paulo was 2,500,000 and today it has doubled. Along with population increase factories and industries have shot up in number prolifically. It is inferred that in the above time period in Sao Paulo 5000 new factories have cropped up. Bang opposite to this Rio de Janeiro keeping in mind a warning published in a magazine called “Organic Dust” in the year 1973 its municipal corporation refused to allow heavy industrialization to proliferate in an uncontrolled manner (in this warning well beforehand it was said that lest factories etc proliferated in an uncontrolled manner its smoke would prove very perilous for the human race). The situation today is that in the sky of Sao Paolo each day 10 tons hydro sulfuric acid and about 1000 tons sulfuric anhydride is released and due to it, twice the number of people dying here are those who get afflicted with bronchial diseases. At morning hours people leave homes while coughing. People of Madrid experiencing this terrible condition say: We all while inhaling air in the morning ‘drink’ so much toxic materials that it can be compared to using a diesel engine for 1 entire day. On the one hand Sao Paolo is choking painfully due to smoke and people of Rio de Janeiro are today protected from the above dire situation.

In USA’s Pennsylvania State on the shores of a river called Mononag Sella a small industry based colony resides. Over here many factories have been set up. By itself over here smoke from factories clouds up the sky quite continuously and residents there are quite used to enduring it but yet on 28th October 1971 there the situation turned quite abnormal. A fog full of smoke and dust particles clouded the sky so much that for 4 days this colony experienced darkness akin to heavy monsoon clouds covering the sky. None over here knew when the sun had arisen and that daytime had ushered in. in fact day too appeared like a dark gloomy night. So much thick dirt poured down from this smog that it solidified into a thick layer on the roads. And people who walked in it saw their footprints etched in it. Cars could no longer ply on the roads. Due to ill patients hospitals were jam packed. Doctors in order to save their own lives started fleeing that place for safer far off havens.

Amongst that region with a total population of 18000 people at least 6000 got afflicted with throat infection, dizziness, vomiting, swelling of eyes and other diseases. Amongst these patients quite a few entered the jaws of death.

Smoke emitted by factories and other furnaces covers the sky. The moment it gets an opportunity it bends towards the ground. The moment it gets an opportunity of ‘Thermal Inversion’ it starts raining as fog/smog. As long as air gets affected by heat till then particles of smoke-smog rise up along with wind yet when due to coolness air becomes moist the rising of these particles stops. Thus this air pollution starts falling downwards. When air flow stops this hazard increases all the more.

Today in USA’s atmosphere each day gets filled with 200,000,000 tons of particles of hydro carbons, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, glass and other toxic units. Many a times since the temperature falls down the weather turns cool as a result of which this smoke fails to rise up in the sky. Under such circumstances people residing in densely populated regions with very sparse greenery, plants etc start choking for fresh pure air. It is like trying to breathe in a locked room full of smoke. This smog not only causes choking but that in it chemical reactions also occur. Thus toxic gases like nitrogen dioxide, ozone etc are formed. These abnormally induce diseases like coughing, lung infections, eye related ailments etc. In America in air pollution inflicting such diseases 60% pollution is due to motor vehicles and 30% due to various industries. Space travelers by journeying 70 miles above earth’s atmosphere saw earth wherein Los Angeles in USA an industrialized city was badly veiled by dirty smog.

From this stand point since industrialization is immense for many number of years in places like Britain, Germany, France, Belgium etc the situation is horrific. Since in Germany sulfur dioxide levels have increased a lot 130,000 acres of forest greenery based area has been destroyed and on a yearly basis 210,000,000 acres of forest is getting destroyed. These days in Switzerland the number of cloth mills has quadrupled. As a result the condition of lakes etc is terrible. In these 20 years these waters saw an increase of phosphate by 10 times and plaque by 30 times.

In Germany’s Federal Republic it has been calculated that industries here each year emit 20,000,000 toxic materials in the environment. These include coal based gases, oil based gases and gas that rushes up in the sky when these materials are dug up to bring them out during mining. 2,000,000 ton of carbon monoxide, 2,500,000 ton of sulfuric acid and 2,500,000 ton of hydro carbons on becoming dust particles fly up high in the sky and their reactions prove deadly for various creatures.

The director of India’s Public Health Engineering Research Institute-Prof SJ Arsi Veena opines that in comparison to Western countries no doubt number of vehicles in India is less yet the measure of smoke is about the same as them. While surveying Kolkata city it was found that in the atmosphere over here the measure of carbon monoxide gas is 35 whereas in New York it is 27. The reason given is that cars in India, using outdated engineering designs, lets out more smoke. Chimneys in factories in India use very bad quality coal and by not getting attached with cleaning machinery, more augmenting is noted in the toxicity of air pollution.

In the February 67 issue of ‘Drive Magazine’ statistics published therein say that one car in 7 years spits out so much smoke that its carbon dioxide content can fill up the famous tomb of Christian’s Saint Paul Church 2 times, monoxide can fill a bungalow with 3 rooms 9 times and nitrogen can fill up a double-decker bus 2 times. If after sieving this gas collected for 7 years its lead content is extracted it is sufficient to cover the chest of a deep sea diver.

The above measurements are but those of smoke augmenting toxicity from 1 lone car. As against this merely in England 15,000,000 cars ply on roads. Till 1980 it was gauged that its number would rise to 45,000,000. America’s number of cars is much more than England. It is said that in 12 seconds one new baby is born in USA whereas the production of cars there is so much that every 5 seconds 1 new car is readied. Our All World Gayatri Family’s member Mr. Anand Prakash these days is doing research studies in a brain and nervous system laboratory in Houston-Texas (over here dwells NASA where from Cape Kennedy space craft are sent into outer space). Always one gets information from him regarding America. In a letter written dated 26/12/1969 he writes: Over here the number of car is very much in excess and its numbers are rising at such a pace that amongst every 20 cars of USA at least 1 is absolutely new. While showcasing worry regarding this high rate of transport/travel augmenting in 26th January 1969’s ‘Sunday Standard’ it was written that last year merely in New York city of USA in smoke emitted by non vehicles a 36,000,000 ton increase has been reported.

In one program broadcasted on BBC (London) on 27th July 1967 it was reported that in London travel/transportation has increased to such an extent that many a times when a traffic jam occurs cars line up at standstill for about 17 miles at a stretch on roads. Over here traffic police on duty are asked to wear a special type of mask on their face. Lest they fail to wear it due to smoke emitted by cars plying there it becomes difficult for them to stand on duty there for even 5 hours. What can one say about the bodily/mental ill health and muscular weakness faced by residents dwelling in such areas on a permanent footing. Today so much smoke covers England’s skies that each year on every square meter area 1kg ash forms a solidified layer on the road.

Not only in England and USA but the world over cars, engines, mills, factories etc are proliferating like weeds. As per a survey in 1900 AD very much previously itself 260,000,000,000 ton carbon gas was there on entire earth’s atmosphere but today its measure has increased by 20 times. Toxic effects of radiations are not included in this. This rising cloud of smoke can one day render earth so hot akin to a valley of death that none shall manage to sustain their very life’s existence. At the most a few trees/plants standing shall drink this smoke while the human race becomes totally extinct.

The number of factories, rail engines, electric power houses, cars, air planes etc are rising at a maddening pace. Carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide toxic gases emitted by coal, petrol, diesel etc burnt to help the above function well, are rendering the earth’s atmosphere more and more heinously polluted day after day. Due to population increase in big cities at a hectic pace, cars/factories emitting toxic elements the amount of perilous principles in air is increasing alarmingly. These toxic elements predominate more in smoke and dust. They enter the body when air is inhaled and thus the body turns weak and diseased.

A report tabled with merely with reference to New Delhi-India silencers of trucks, buses, cars etc each day emit 20000 pounds of sulfur dioxide gas in air. Merely thermal electricity power stations regularly create 95 pounds of such gases that is destructive not only for our body but that it is dire for various buildings, constructions and bridges made from iron. Agra’s Taj Mahal because of New Delhi’s toxic gas emissions is rotting away. In order to protect this wonderful monument it is thought of using applying a layer of emulsion on it so that the beautiful marble in its delicate architecture does not tarnish.

If the air contains carbon monoxide gas’ 1/700th portion also a person breathing it dies immediately. If it contains 1/100000th portion of it creatures in that area shall turn ill.

Any time one can witness smog covering the sky of industrialized cities. In it brim forth carbon, sulfate, nitrite, lead, hydrocarbons etc. Dust and smoke in unison create such a sheet of smog that not only humans but that any other plant etc dwelling below it start gasping for breath due to choking. Their natural growth gets obstructed quite badly.

Industrialized units/buildings ceaselessly emit 3000 types of poison like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, burnt rubber etc. These cover the atmosphere and perforce people residing there have to inhale this poison. These innocent people have no clue about this dire state of affairs wherein apart from the glittering pomp of urban cities air is so toxic that day after day they weaken the very roots of their bodily health.

After being ejected from factories etc sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, smog reactant carbon dioxide, ozone and tiny particles get mixed in air. Along with this carbon particles, lead particles, metal particles from factories processing metal ores etc too mix with air.

Due to sulfur dioxide exposure one suffers from emphysema, heart and other ailments. If the air moistens from this very gas sulfuric acid is formed and it harms buildings and plant life. It also destroys steel products.

Carbon monoxide gas by mixing with hemoglobin in blood renders the blood capacity to store oxygen content very weakened. Thus when we drive cars also we experience tiredness. Weakness increases and due to it dizziness based incidences to increase.

Further from these venomous gases smog is formed and it spreads diseases like cancer, ailments of lungs, heart diseases etc. Ozone is known to harm plant life. Tiny particles render objects dirty, it badly affects the capacity of our eyes to view things clearly and the respiratory system gets diseased. In order to give jerks to engines lead is added to petrol but as a result of this, such toxic gases get emitted that the environment’s poisonous content augments a great deal day by day.

When smoke increases in air it means air loses its capacity to kill germs, microbes etc. It is clear that if air loses its capacity to kill germs, microbes etc deadly germs shall proliferate all the more and crop harvests shall get destroyed. In USA’s most air polluted areas so much proliferation of microbes that destroy crops is noted that lest if at any point in time in a pesticides are not sprayed on crops not one food grain can be saved. Due to usage of pesticides like DDT food becomes poisonous. Both situations are terrible and to get protected from it only one solution prevails viz. in place of industries that augment smoke content in the atmosphere small cottage industries must come into vogue, handicrafts must be encouraged on a war footing and Yajnas must be performed not only all over Indian territory but in every nook and corner of the world.

In California due to a covering of smoke 15 million dollars worth crop gets destroyed (about Indian Rupees 15,000,000) as per official records. Unofficially this loss is of about 132 million dollars and this situation prevails in other states too.

John T Middleton-Director of University Statewide Air Pollution Research Center says due to air pollution that has its basis in photo chemicals all 27 states of USA have been affected. Amongst these districts of Columbia is affected fair bit more. Recently their harvest got saved in the nick of time. Apart from this dust particles and solid/fluid chemicals in which oil and coal get mixed up, smog that results from these affects crops very badly. Air pollution due to gases that includes hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, fluorides and sulfur dioxide are also known to harm harvests. On studying particles of Sudan grass sugar, alfalfa oats, peanuts, apricots, citrus, grapes, plums etc it was found that they get especially affected due to air pollution. Lest these crops are not protected, a day can come that when they turn venomous totally they shall be categorized as other bitter wild fruits unfit for eating.

These days so much fuel is burnt in factories, cars etc and in it so much extra heat is being emitted that we must in no way believe this hazard to be any less heinous. If this present trend continues then in the next 25 years the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere shall increase manifold and its heat shall speedily start melting ice on earth’s Polar Regions. Its effect shall cascade in the form of the levels of ocean water rising higher up and if this goes on uninterrupted then when all the ice melts ocean waters shall rise higher up by 400 feet and this disaster shall submerge about half earth’s land/terrestrial area under the ocean. This disaster shall manifest after 25 years if the above trend continues as it is and in 400 years that hazard shall get created as a result of which today’s scientific zest can be called a curse dawning to destroy world humanity.

Due to high speed moving vehicles in cities, usage of electricity, fire burning in large amounts in very tiny areas, breathing in overcrowded places, heat emitted by our bodies, factories being built in humungous numbers etc temperatures in cities are higher than those in rural areas. Electrical fans do not lower temperatures but simply throw wind from here to there. Fashion trends in which tight clothes are worn etc renders heat content surrounding our body much more in measure. Overcrowding in buses, trains, roads etc heat keeps increasing. In cement-concrete buildings and roads made from stone/tar heat content is of higher measure. Urban indwellers in these increased temperatures start losing their natural bodily capacity and potential.

The result of increasing air pollution is that akin to the last Ice Age witnessed it could be one more Ice Age may loom large in front of us and for a very long time span a very big portion of earth may not be fit enough for creatures to dwell in. On it shall rule a terrific cold wave.

In this manner many possibilities stare at us and one knows not which amongst these may actually materialize in future? Yet know for sure that this pollution shall definitely destroy mankind’s health. When clean unpolluted air is not accessible then with every inhalation not only dirt but that toxicity too shall enter our body in a big way. Thus say how can our health remain good and sound? How can our very life get protected?