The Truth About Acupuncture

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Many people have used acupuncture to unwind and eventually sharpen their physical and mental health. However, its lack of conclusive research raises the red flag for the skeptics. Is this form of alternative medicine truly safe? 

There is only one place in this world that we can directly associate acupuncture with – China. According to research,Guest Posting this, along with moxibustion (the burning of moxa on or near a person’s are the first of the country’s practices when it comes to medicine. Its date of origin is still under debate; but as of present time, it is believed to have existed from about 100 BC.

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that involves the insertion of thin needles on various parts of the body called “acupuncture points.” This relaxing treatment is highly preferred by those who have a greater fate on the effectivity of alternative medicine than modern-day science.

Because of its invasive process, those who are trying to get a hold of its potency have difficulties in terms of determining its actual efficacy. However, with the constant effort of researchers who are trying to understand what acupuncture truly does to our bodies, an article from Nature Review 2 years ago suggested that a placebo acupuncture service has the same effect as the actual acupuncture itself, even noting that in some cases, the placebo treatment did even better.

This practice also has a lot of side effects listed to it. Some and good, and some are bad; but none of it are life-threatening though. Acupuncturistssay that you have nothing to worry about the bad effects that you experience after the whole process. These effects do not really last long, and they’re completely normal. Many have reported that after participating in the procedure, they have felt worse first before finally experiencing the extremely good effects of acupuncture - referring to the whole process as a healing crisis. These people said to have experienced the following:

  1. Fatigue - They say that being extremely tired after the acupuncture treat is a signal from your body that it has been used up, and you therefore need to rest.
  2. Soreness - This usually happens in the areas where the needles were inserted, mostly at the hands, feet, and the area between the thumb and index finger.
  3. Bruises - It’s not common for everyone, but others do experience this after the treatment. Acupuncturists have explained that this happens because of hematoma, a swelling blood clot that’s initiated once the needle is inserted in the skin.
  4. Muscle Twitching - Relax. It’s completely different from spasming. You may experience this involuntary muscle twitching after you try out acupuncture, but again, just like the other effects, it’s nothing to worry about. If you experience it during the treatment though, tell your acupuncturist so that he or she can help you out.
  5. Lightheadedness - One of the things that you extremely need to remember when going for an acupuncture is to make sure that you have eaten before you actually take the procedure, and to rest on the acupuncture table well enough to avoid this effect. This can ultimately lead you to faint, so make sure that you get to take some real deep breaths before leaving.
  6. Emotional Sensitivity - Acupuncturists say that this is one sure fire way to tell that the acupuncture is working.

The good effects (that act like dominoes) are definitely the ones worth looking forward to. These include:

  1. Improved Sleep - A lot of acupuncture patients have reported that the procedure gave them better sleep. The sedation of the amygdala during an acupuncture also brings a wave of calmness that allows you to gain a great amount of rest.
  2. Energy - A good night’s sleep can definitely give you a huge ball of energy; but acupuncture gives you a euphoric effect that will allow you to obtain a greater amount of energy that you can use upon doing your daily activities.
  3. Sharper Mind - It might have been a by-product of your improved sleep and energy. This gives you a higher rate of productivity and focus.
  4. Better Digestion - Acupuncture enhances our digestive system, preventing nausea and digestion-related issues.

Up to this day, the truth about acupuncture still remains in question. Is it all in the mind? Are the effects plainly psychological? If so, why do many people swear by its results?

One thing’s for sure - despite its lack of conclusive research, acupuncture still remains as one of alternative medicine’s most sought-after treatments.


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