Tips to Do Wedge, Circles and Zigzag Breast Examination

Dec 19


Galuh Mahesa

Galuh Mahesa

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Take a good look at your breasts, and notice any dimpling? Are there any breast discharge? Do the breast self examination regularly can save your life


Do the breast self examination regularly can save your life,Tips to Do Wedge, Circles and Zigzag Breast Examination Articles I’m believe it can helps to know, it’s better to know and understand your breasts, the feel, and they look like. By noticed it, which means you will aware your breast changes earlier, and that will buy a time to get the help you need.

The matter is letting go the fear, and so often women feel, and many of them have had that experience. Just start a new habit, it needs to be done regularly and become your second nature, and part of your monthly routine. When you ready to start?

Visual Breast

1. Stand in front of mirror and you arms by your sides. Take a good look at your breasts, and notice any dimpling?  Do they look like similar? Do they look even? Are there any breast discharge?

2. Put your arms up, turning until you can see all the breast side. See any puckering or rash?

3. Your hands on your hips and bend down slowly. See any indentations? have a decent look from all angles.

Breast Self ExaminationStanding Position

Place your left arm across the back of your head. Use the three pads of your right hand fingers, do a massage, circular movement, do lightly, medium and firm pressure. It’s better to do varying circles movement, from small to larger, on each spot

It is important to do at all area of your breast, such as under your breast, the sides of your breast and on the middle of your chest. Especially the side areas, take up our armpit, and then check it thoroughly.

Don’t miss any part of your breast and do it your exam in a grid type pattern.

Using the opposite pads of the fingers to massage, when you have your arm is behind your head, and do circular massage, it helps you to have some sort of grid in your mind, to examine yourself


You can visually divide your breasts in wedges. Just imagine your breasts were a pie, and then you divide the pie into slices. Before moving on to the next slice you need to slice the pie at a time.

That means when you do breast self exam, you must start on one particular breast area, with your left arm behind your head and using three finger pads of your right hand, doing circular movement. Don’t forget to make vary of size of your movements and also the pressure. When you finished with that area, move to other next section, then continue until all surrounding the breast area has been examined


Do circular styles by starting off at their nipple, and go around their breast, which each time getting bigger, until all area has been examined, sometimes it was giddy.

Zig ZagStyles

Start on the middle of your chest and go across your breast to another side, then back again, into the middle. When you have completed one side, then repeat it on the other

Nipples and Armpits

Try to squeeze your nipple, it is part of your self breast exam, that means to find is there any nipple discharge. Find anything unusual like rash, sore, or lump

Now examine your armpit, do this wile you standing position. You may found lymph nodes, but don’t be panic, be tender with swollen lymph nodes, if you found one that does not mean you have breast cancer. Someone with swollen lymph nodes for many reasons, just like hormonal cycle, or when you are unwell, lymph nodes is usually in temporary time.

Self Breast Examination Laying DownPosition

There are some different from doing your breast examination standing and lying down, some stories of women who have found their breast lump when in standing position, but couldn't find it in lying down position, but that is not the point, the important thing is which position you are more comfortable and make it become your routine, then when you do it, is going to be a lot quicker and efficient to do.

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