Tips To Reduce Cholesterol: Your Diet Can Increase HDL And Mar LDL Production

Nov 30




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HDL or good cholesterol is an essential component of our body and it serves the vital function of carrying excess blood LDL content back to liver. A low level of HDL may pose a big health threat. For, to fight with LDL, the bad cholesterol, what comes to your rescue is this HDL or High Density Lipoprotein. You may not be able to lower your bad cholesterol if you happen to be having a low level of HDL.


If grappled in such a situation,Tips To Reduce Cholesterol: Your Diet Can Increase HDL And Mar LDL Production Articles you are thus needed to set twin dietary targets for yourself. These simultaneous targets are increasing good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol.

A sagacious folk would better opt for increasing HDL through dietary measures as it would automatically reduce LDL. HDL diet must be opted for in consultation with health care provider. Doctors tend to suggest a saturated fat free diet while maintaining your normal nutritional requirement.

The diet primarily includes those foods that are likely to bring a surge in HDL level. There are number of natural HDL increasing stuffs that come as an ingredient of various food products. They could be consumed in plenty. For example, Vitamin B3 and Omega 3 fatty acid rich food could be eaten in volumes to increase High Density Cholesterol. You can incorporate an increased amount of fish in your diet to get Omega 3 fatty acid. Similarly niacin rich food would add to your Vitamin B3 content.

Soy food brings considerable surge in HDL, so it is often recommended by doctors. Fibers that are soluble in nature could stimulate production of HDL that has been proved by many researches. In order to have an increased amount of soluble fibers you can eat grape fruits and apple in plenty.

Your diet should also include consumption of fresh uncooked onion. It could be an affective factor in increasing good cholesterol. Taking orange juice on a regular basis would contribute greatly to raise HDL. Among vegetables it's beans of various types that shoulder the responsibility of making addition to HDL level. Olive oil and Canola oil could also serve the same purpose.

You may also include certain natural supplements in your diet to meet your desired objective. There could be various such supplements, for example Curcumin, Guggul Gum and Poly Casanol.

Last but not the least whole grain consumption and renunciation of all saturated fat products would work positively in raising good cholesterol.

So stick to this diet to keep yourself healthy.