Top Ways To Get Cost-Effective Male Hair Transplant Surgery

Mar 2


Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

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Top Ways To Get Cost-Effective Male Hair Transplant Surgery. Get the details!


Hair loss is equally daunting in both males and females causing mental turmoil and sense of losing self worth. Healthy scalp is desirable with thick and luscious hairs but unfortunately the increased prevalence of hair loss has become a sensitive global issue which is due to the changes in the environment and the lifestyle.  

Male hair loss

The most common cause to male hair loss is genetic which is transferred from the generations from your forefathers. If they have it,Top Ways To Get Cost-Effective Male Hair Transplant Surgery Articles you might have it too. The genetic hair loss is termed as male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia which could be due to the genetic dysfunction causing over sensitivity of the hair follicles. These oversensitive hair follicles cause the hair follicles to undergo thinning and miniaturization under the influence of androgen hormones. The hair thinning and miniaturization leads to ultimate hair loss and this cycle progresses leading to growing baldness.

The most common area involved for scalp baldness is the front area and the vertex which comprises of the DHT sensitive hair follicles which contains androgenic receptors and could undergo hair loss. The spared area is the back and sides of the head as the hair follicles in these areas are DHT resistant and do not undergo any changes throughout the life.

Male hair transplant

Male hair transplant is performed by shifting the hair follicular grafts harvested from the specific areas of your own body and then transplant them to the desired bald area. The hair transplant procedure is a completely painless procedure and with advanced approaches it can be performed with almost invisible scaring. The procedure takes up to 4 – 8 hours depending on the technique opted to perform the hair transplant.

The procedure uses your own hairs for which you need to have ample donor hairs for the procedure to be feasible in your situation. If can neither use the artificial hairs nor the hairs of some other person which is a common prevailing myth regarding the procedure.

Male hair transplant can be pursued using 2 basic techniques including FUT and FUE hair transplant technique. These techniques have their differences in graft harvesting method. Each of the technique has indications based on which the technique is opted based on the situation of the patients.

How to get cost effective male hair transplant

Hair transplant cost in India has become very affordable these days as the hair transplant clinics are widely available in the country. The cost of the procedure in India varies from 60,000 to 400,000 INR which is way too less when compared to western world countries where the cost of the hair transplant procedures are sky riding.

The model on which the cost of hair transplant depend in India is per graft model and each hair graft would cost you around 30 – 125 INR which is apparently very affordable. There are other many factors which decide the cost of the procedure including extent of baldness, type of hair transplant, technique of hair transplant, credentials of the hair transplant surgeon, reputation of the hair transplant clinic and sex of the patient. These factors in synchronization decide the cost of the procedure which can be confirmed only during the primary consult after the complete assessment of the bald area.

Cost of hair transplant at Medispa hair transplant clinic

Medispa hair transplant clinic is pioneer in delivering the world class hair transplant with maintaining international standards at an affordable cost. We do not offer any discounts but are very cost effective as per the high quality of services we deliver to our patients for their utmost comfort. Dr Suneet Soni is among the finest hair transplant surgeons of the world whose surgical skills are unsurpassable. His specialty is to design the hairline in extremely natural looking way for which he has gained huge appreciation from the national and international clients including celebrities.

For confirming the hair transplant cost at Medispa hair transplant clinic you need to book an appointment for consult where you will be thoroughly assessed. You might want to know the gross idea of the hair transplant cost at Medispa hair transplant clinic for which you can check on the detailed cost ranges described below based on the number of hair grafts needed and the extent of baldness. You can check these parameters using the hair graft calculator available at our website for you reference.

For any queries you can visit us at Medispa hair transplant clinic in Jaipur and Delhi where you can expect a very comfortable experience of hair transplant with world class outcomes.