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There are more than a couple dozen legitimate companies producing brain entrainment software, then there are subliminals both video and audio, software to take advantage of brain plasticity and even anti-aging software. Brain games, teasers, brain music, logic puzzles, strategy games, chess and more are found everywhere including smart software that learns from your performance to crossword puzzles found at your grocery store... Discover what's the driving force behind this mind brain explosion  and what kind of results can you expect.

As you age past 30 and well beyond,Guest Posting evidence shows the brain will slow down but only if not maintained through challenging new brain exercise and stimulation. You can speed your brain up and improve even your most basic cognitive abilities at any age.

Recent studies have shown that brain training software can be effective in cognitive functions including visual and auditory processing, working memory, attention, and decision-making. As a result , effects can increase IQ , improve focus and concentration, experience clearer and quicker thinking, increased alertness and awareness,  spur creative and profitable ideas, improve relationships, even model success and attract wealth, really. There has been significant breakthroughs and approvals in brain training software for rehabilitation of stroke and traumatic brain Injury patients as well

Bob Moos of the Dallas Morning News recently reported and listed testimonials and proof that seniors are using brain training software to sharpen their minds and maintain more than enough brain function to enjoy activities once thought taboo for the elderly as motorcycle riding. He also states  this new audio PC based brain training software is part of a $225 million-a-year brain fitness industry. Even during the recession , experts show explosive growth.

Consumers can choose from brain enhancement software as brainwave entrainment, subliminal audio and visual training, audio cortex training , brain fitness software, brain entrainment and subliminals for your MP3 player or phone,  even Nintendo has popular hand held brain improvement games . There are brain workout websites and games , puzzles , brain teaser designed to exercise your brain in a fun and stimulating way. Mental exercise improves blood flow to the brain over the long term and the benefits of brain health that comes with this.  Brain music has been proven to optimize and stimulate brainwaves, neurons while you're simply listening to comforting music.

In another recent study reported by a Washington post staff writer, mentally challenging activities for adults also prove them performing  better in ordinary tasks such as checking the ingredients on a medicine bottle or looking up a number in a phone book -- and this effect can last for years...  Optimizing intellectual skills can strengthen your mind analogous to the same way that physical exercise protects and strengthens the body.  A new study from London, even shows that winded physical exercise is more of a boost to mental skills and quickness of thought processing. 

Brain Entrainment Technology is now available easily for consumers with CDs and even downloads for your MP3 player.  There are subliminal video training, automatic PC subliminals, audio and video... Downloads , CDS, for cell phones and  any other format you can imagine. Fun mind puzzles, brain teasers, brain toys, brain books, brain music are everywhere and will stimulate your mind.

Mind brain games as cryptograms increase your reasoning skills that you use everyday . Your powers of deduction and logic  are developed with mind puzzles. Increase your ability to think faster with mind brain puzzles and keep your brain stimulated. You will also maintain and develop the ability to shift attention in complex situations. Mind puzzles develop valuable skills that employers want for leaders and competent employees. 

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