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Manual handling training is useful for tasks carried out at home and at work. Forewarned is forearmed, and this course lays out how to conduct manual handling without injuring yourself. A step-by-step guide leads to a certificate proving you have successfully completed your manual handling training.

If you are a business owner,Guest Posting make sure your employees undertake manual handling training. In the UK, you are obliged by law to ensure anyone in your organisation who undertakes manual handling should be properly trained. Over a third of all injuries which result in someone being off work for more than one day are the result of poor manual handling. That’s a lot of sick pay and a lot of work to cover.

Manual handling at work programmes offer not only training, but context. The presentations begin by outlining the way your spine functions, so you can better understand how and why inadequate manual handling damages it. Description is combined with reports from back specialists and those that have hurt their backs through inadequate manual handling.

Preparation is an important part of any form of manual handling. You will be taught what you need to check, what you need to think about and which questions you need to be asking yourself before you carry out any form of manual handling. From there, it’s an easy to follow step-by-step guide which shows you exactly how to go about each stage of the task.

Manual handling at work might take a great number of forms. The study course offers you guidance and demonstrates the specific concerns of each . When you are lifting a heavy package down from height then you've got to make sure you don’t drop it and possibly hurt yourself, whilst also being sure taking the strain of the weight does not lead to injury to your spine. Other designs of manual handling which are included include lifting from floor, waist and shoulder height, team lifts, pushing and pulling.

Each section of the training programme is followed by a 20 minute test to check each individual understands the subject. Once the test has been completed to a satisfactory degree, there is a printable certificate for each individual to show they have completed their manual handling training.

Whether at home, work or play, it's important to understand proper manual handling. It’s not just at work that we move things. Plenty of day-to-day activities can be fraught with the danger of back injury if carried out incorrectly. Clearing out the garage, getting something down from the attic, pushing a car out of a ditch. They all carry the same risks associated with manual handling.

The manual handling training course only takes half an hour to complete and can be done on the internet or on CD-ROM. A free trial is available with no necessity for credit card details; and that means you have the freedom simply to walk away if it’s not for you. But before you do, just take into account the time, money and backs that can be saved if a small amount of time is dedicated to making certain you know what you're doing.

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