Automation Testers Will Coexist With Manual Testers, True Or False?

Aug 31


jessica cyrus

jessica cyrus

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Let's know about the coexistence of Automation tester with manual tester and the discusses the difference between automation testing and manual testing.


The world of Information technology is transforming rapidly. And,Automation Testers Will Coexist With Manual Testers, True Or False? Articles there is no doubt about the fact that with the introduction of DevOps, the software development process has become a lot more efficient and quick. There have been rumors that lately, there won’t be any need for manual procedures, including manual testing techniques as the IT world will be automated completely. Also, the testers were a bit scared as there is news that probably there won’t be any job related to manual testing shortly. Though these are just rumors and discussions at this point, and manual testing is still very much prevalent.

Manual Testing Is Not Going Anywhere Soon. Is It?

With the introduction of modern automation testing tools and techniques, the experts believed that shortly, only automation testing will be used and manual testing will disappear. Though, there is no doubt about the fact that Manual Software Testing Services are still used by plenty of firms. Manual testing won’t fade away as, manual testing is not only very popular, but it is one of the most flexible types of the testing process as well. It allows the users to test any scenario without any hassle. So, even if you thinking about a particular scenario, you can still test it conveniently without any difficulty. Therefore, it is easy for the testers to make sure that at least one round of manual testing is performed easily. Also, as there are a host of manual testers in the market, therefore, you won’t find a challenge to find the best one for your business requirements.

Numerous Benefits of Automation Testing

Though automation testing is much more advanced and it offers tons of benefits. A few of the top benefits include things like; it reduces the time to market. And, it also speeds up the testing process and ensures that the product is completed at a greater pace. At the same time, it even reduces the cost of the project in many ways. But, most importantly, it diminishes the need for performing regular and repetitive tasks. Instead, repetitive tasks are performed automatically. Therefore, the testers get more time to work on other things as they have more time in hand. They can work on smarter things and more intelligent stuff then just performing repetitive and boring activities. But, all this nowhere means that the need for manual testing will reduce immediately. 

Coexistence of Automation and Manual Testing

Both manual testing as well as automation testing is used by companies across the world. And, some instances prove that probably manual and automation testing coexist. Automation testing is regarded as an ideal solution for the people who want to enter the field of testing as well. Also, the ones who don’t have a very strong technical background can opt for automation testing as a career option. Automation tests not only save time but it also releases the stress of the automation engineers. They are saved from the hassle of any long tests which consume a lot of time. But, at the same time, it is not that all the tasks can be done automated. There are still some of the testing tasks which are still performed by the manual testers. Also, manual testers have the option to make smart decisions based on their intelligence. Additionally, there are certain things that humans can understand more than a machine.

Automation testing is growing rapidly, but manual testing is still very much there. However, very soon, automation testing may overpower manual testing as it is more beneficial.

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