Vitamin A acid in the treatment of acne

Jan 15


David Yvon

David Yvon

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In dermatological treatment we often hear vitamin A acid, especially for acne patients, so people understand the vitamin A acid how much? How to use it scientifically and effectively? Here is a comprehensive introduction of tretinoin for everyone.


Vitamin A acid,Vitamin A acid in the treatment of acne Articles Tretinoin is the most commonly used topical medicine and oral medicine in acne treatment, is currently the most significant effect drug used to treat acne. Externally used is mainly for light to moderate patients, severe patients need systemic drugs. Vitamin A acid’s treatment mechanism is the hair follicle keratinization process abnormal reversal became normal, in order to reduce the formation of acne, also indirectly reduce inflammatory acne number. In addition, vitamin A acid can also ease pigmentation after inflammation, even can white back! For the aging skin, vitamin A acid also has a unique efficacy, it can remove the aging cutin and the dermis layer of collagen, to eliminate fine lines on the face, make the skin to restore the elasticity and health.

Tretinoin manufacturer remain that use vitamin A acid to treat acne, the most important is that you should be under the guidance of a doctor (because vitamin A acid’s side effects are relatively large). Start with the minimum concentrations of vitamin A acid preparation ( 0.025% cream ), and even the 0.025% vitamin A sour cream mixture to the usually used emulsion inside to smear on the face, wait until 2 weeks after the skin gradually adapt to, without any side effects, can slowly increase vitamin A acid concentration with intensity. Vitamin A acid strength from weak to strong were 0.025% cream, 0.01%gel, 0.05%cream, 0.025% gel, 0.1% cream, 0.05% solution.

When painting should avoid the attention of the eye and around the lips and nose and cheek junction, the skin is more fragile and sensitive, other parts can be coated uniformly on the thin layer, can not force rub. May be we all know that vitamin A acid should use in the evening, use before bedtime wash in the morning. However, even after washing the face also has a small amount of vitamin A acid retention, so during use, must remember to bring sunscreen when going out, prevent vitamin A acid bring "light stimulation".

Vitamin A acid’s common side effect is stimulate the skin, almost every first users will have skin redness, irritation, burning, dryness and peeling phenomenon, if slight will never mind, is a normal reaction, after a period of time the skin adaptation will naturally improve. But a few people will have serious "vitamin A acid dermatitis", must immediately stop using the drug, and go to see department of dermatology doctors as soon as possible. In fact, vitamin A acid also can treat ringworm and other skin diseases, is a high quality and inexpensive good medicine.

Many people doubt the vitamin A acid topical may cause fetal malformations, but this influence is very small. Because the topical application of vitamin A acid most remain in the skin, the systemic absorption dose is less than 2%; plus itself using the concentration is very low, so it is very little systemic absorption. Generally, doctors will suggest do contraceptive measures, preferably not pregnant during using vitamin A acid.

The market also has a lot of vitamin A acid derivative, through improved to reduce the side effects of vitamin A acid, and maintain the original effect, most of the constituents unchanged, is still the vitamin A acid, mainly used as a cosmetic raw material, its mechanism and performance basically unchanged.


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