Warning! Digital Blood Pressure Monitors Could Show Indications of Erroneous Readings...

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Of late, I’ve been having a bad dose of luck as far as my health is concerned. Fatigue, stress and a unhealthy lifestyle have been taking a toll on my health. A visit to the doctor too confirmed my worst fears. And I found that I too had become a statistic – I had high blood pressure

Although I took the advice the doctor gave me as well as the medicines he prescribed,Guest Posting my busy working schedule did not leave me with sufficient time to go to the clinic to monitor my blood pressure frequently. So I decided to shop for a simple and effective blood pressure monitor. Surprisingly, there are a number of models available in the market. There are the very simple blood pressure monitors that are manually operated. You might have seen these blood pressure monitors with some of the older doctors in your city. It looks like a bread box and opens up to reveal a U tube with mercury in it. A rubber hose is attached to a pad that is wound around your arm. An attached rubber ball is squeezed to increase and decrease the air pressure. And you can thus monitor your blood pressure. In clinical terms, such blood pressure monitors are known as aneroid blood pressure monitors There is also a variation of the blood pressure monitor I saw, which uses a dial gauge to tell the pressure. Of course, such blood pressure monitors are not easy to use and operate and require a certain degree of skill. And being the lazy person that I am, I needed something that was far more convenient. My next stop brought me in touch with the latest in the blood pressure monitor world. While the earlier blood pressure monitor has literally been banned from use in most hospitals, the varieties I saw in this store were the latest and the best. And almost all of them were what have come to be know and accepted as digital blood pressure monitors. There were portable, wrist model blood pressure monitors, there were other blood pressure monitors that came with in built printers, there were slightly more advanced blood pressure monitors that compiled reports for ease of measurement and even blood pressure monitors with memory to keep track of your latest fifty or hundred readings. The breadth and scope of blood pressure monitors available was astounding. I finally managed to pick a blood pressure monitor that was small and compact, while being the latest in digital blood pressure monitoring systems. It also came with a detailed instruction booklet on how to take care of the blood pressure monitor, how to ensure that it functions effectively and, best of all, a booklet on how to use the blood pressure monitor to get rid of my high blood pressure! The very helpful salesman also took the time to tell me about the possibilities of errors that digital blood pressure monitors could have. Of course, he did so only when I had chosen and paid for the monitor, but I’m glad he did. For how else would I know that digital blood pressure monitors have a tendency to indicate erroneous readings if the body movements are vast and the heart rate is irregular. And using the same blood pressure monitor on different arms, could lead to different results!

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