What are the Best Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes?

Oct 12


Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams

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An overview of the type of colored contacts that look good on dark colored eyes.


Colored contacts have become very hip in the past few years,What are the Best Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes? Articles with many people enhancing their look with this new and revolutionary way to change eye color. There are a variety of colors and brands that you can select from, so there are options available for everybody. If you have dark eyes, there will be some types of contacts to avoid. So, if you are looking for the best colored contacts for dark eyes, you need to understand what to look for and what you need to avoid as well.

Colored Contacts That Blend With Your Dark Eyes

Since dark eyes are more difficult to cover up than lighter eyes, you are going to have to look for very specific types of contacts. More than likely you are going to need to look for contacts that are opaque so that your dark eyes will not show through the contacts. There are theatrical contacts and costume contacts that may be suitable for you. Be sure to check out dark colors like dark green, dark blue or even dark violet. These often look good, even on people who have very dark eyes.

Colored Contacts That Look Terrible On Dark Eyes

If you have dark eyes, there are going to by some types of colored contacts that you want to stay away from. You will definitely do not need a very light green or blue tint to them. These types of contacts will not make any improvement to your eyes. Also, you should probably avoid the enhancement tints as well, since these are mainly created for people who have eyes that are light colored.

What You Should Also Consider Before Getting A Pair Of Colored Contacts

Of course when you are choosing the best colored contacts for dark eyes, you will also want to think about your desired image. Do you have dark skin or light skin? Is your hair dark or light? This will also help you pick out the best contacts for your whole look. If you have skin that is on the dark side, then deep greens or violets look stunning. However, for lighter skin and hair colors, the greens and the blues are going to be your best bet. So, consider your skin color, hair color and your individual style when you get a set of colored contacts.