Non Disposable Colored Contacts

Oct 11


Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams

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The difference between disposable and non disposable colored contacts and discover which one would better suit your need.


Recently colored contacts have become more and more popular and they are a fantastic buy for those of any age. There are now a bunch of companies that offer a selection of colored contact lenses. You have many wonderful colors to choose from,Non Disposable Colored Contacts Articles and if you prefer a walk on the wild side, there are also some crazy and funky contacts to choose from as well. There are both disposable and non disposable colored contacts that you can take your pick from too.

What Are Non Disposable Colored Contacts?

Non disposable colored contacts are contact lenses that you won't constantly have to change out. You can wear these contacts for a single year without having to agonize about getting a new pair. While they may be a bit more costly than the disposable contacts, you won't have to purchase them as frequently.

The Difference Between Disposable and Non Disposable Colored Contacts

With disposable colored contacts, you will have to replace them anywhere from every two weeks to once a month. However, the non disposable colored contacts can be worn for about a year. Some people also feel that the disposable lenses are preferable for your eyes as they are much thinner than non disposable ones, which allows more oxygen to get to your eyes. Besides, it may cut down on the occurrence of eye infections, since you throw them away frequently.

When To Use Disposable Colored Contact Lenses?

Usually the disposable contact lenses are used only for looks and not to actually correct your vision. If you choose to wear disposable lenses, you will need to be sure that you don't wear them any longer than about 6-8 hours each day. Even though you can get these for cosmetic reasons, you'll still need a prescription from an eye doctor. If you just want to change your eye color and you are on a budget, disposable colored contacts are easily affordable.

When To Use Non Disposable Colored Contact Lenses?

For those who need vision correction and want to change their eye color, then non disposable contact lenses are a fantastic choice. Even if you have astigmatism in your eyes, you can still find non disposable colored lenses that will correct your vision problem and give you the perfect eye color as well. Besides, if you want lenses that are going to be more long lasting, then non disposable colored contact lenses may be the one for you.