What are the Best Yoga Teacher Training programs in India

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Some of the best Yoga teacher training programs in India and the most popular programs are 200, 300 and 500 hour yoga teacher training programs. 

Yoga is where there is love,Guest Posting peace, humility; actually, yoga generates calmness, love, and peace beckoning the life into the transformative route. As soon you step into Yoga, you are taken on a transformative journey. 

 Since more than five thousand years yoga has been utilized and drudged to teach humans to coalesce their body, senses, mind, and soul for the ample health benefits and peaceful existence. It has reached millions touching the people’s lives and making the world a better place to live and it is still happening. India is still a gem of yoga wherein lies many yoga ashrams and institutes through which people from across the globe attains the yogic wisdom for health and peace.

 In Indian institutes, many yogic methods are taught that covers physical, sensory, emotional, mental and spiritual upliftment and for the higher self-realization of the goals. It includes asanas, ethical disciplines, breath control, sensory perceptions, affirmations and visualizations, complex meditative disciplines, and prayers and mantras. The popular programs are 200, 300 and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India which are conducted in almost all the institutes and ashrams of India. These are the residential courses with an aim to nourish and polish the aspirants to become registered yoga teachers. These courses impart the training of the most important yoga types and forms like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, and Human Anatomy, Mantras, Mudras, History and Philosophy of Yoga, yoga scriptures and Hindu culture and religion. As students passed out from the one course, they are entitled to join the advanced courses like 300 or complete 500 to further their practice.

 Most of the institutes also include training of the ancient techniques like Raja Yoga and synthesis of the four paths of yoga. Amongst all, the teaching and practice of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga get more importance. Vinyasa is like a dance form in which rhythmically you are connected with the pranic breath. Just as followers are knitted into a thread in the same way poses are connected in a communion to each other to bring uniformity with the body and the self.  In Hatha are taught to overcome the physical limitations and get motivated to do more profound and complex poses. Hatha means adamant.  While doing Hatha yoga you are so motivated that you just do it. Overall participants become true yogis who have now immerse out of their wealth and materialistic life to adopt a pure and simple life.

 The courses also include Chakra healing, Tratka meditation, Kundalini meditation, Nada Brahma and mantra meditation, besides other forms of yoga. You are also taught to control y our personality, balance yourself and get the ability to overcome the body ailments.  

 So if you are thinking of doing the Yoga Teacher Training programs go for first 200 yoga teacher training in Rishikesh from renowned institute or ashram and then join other advanced courses. The 200 Hour course is the basic course that gives you all that is required to become a yoga teacher but as you start learning yoga your desire for learning is doubled. This is a beauty of yoga.    

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