How to select the best from yoga retreats in India

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An understanding of how enthusiast yogis should select the Yoga Retreat in India. As any wrong decision can deprive them of the satisfaction for which they have come all the way into the foreign land.

India is famous all over the world and so are the yoga retreats which have amazed the yogis since last many years. When on one hand Yoga Schools pitch the tents in the Himalayan ranges while on the other hand there are many Schools or institutes who take their participants and guests deep in the forest lands or near the sea.  Of course,Guest Posting yoga retreats are the amazing things to do in India, as the yogis can dive deep into the sublimity of nature and succor their souls to the songs of the birds while doing their favorite poses.

Naturally for the enthusiast yogis across the borders selecting the yoga retreat is one of the toughest jobs as there are so many amazing ones. So here I have put some points for you to contemplate and keep in mind while making a right choice of the yoga retreat.

But before the selection, the first thing that you should need to know is what Yoga Retreats in India is and what to expect in it?

Yoga Retreat is a few days program in which participants are taken out in the laps of nature giving them an opportunity to nourish their mind and restore their body and soul. In yoga retreats, you deepen your yogic practice, learn more and connect with the like-minded people and with nature around. In India itself, you can find many yoga retreats happening with each offering many lucrative opportunities, services, and choices.  While some of these retreats are super strict while others are austere, fun loving and good-humored. It is the best get away from the busy life.

In a yoga retreat, you expect to involve in deeper connection, sharing, conversation, and lot of learning and of course yoga. It is also about understanding the nature around and how to conjure yourself with it. In many yoga retreats in India, you are also taken on adventurous trips and excursions that bring you closer to your roots. These become the most exciting and memorable moments for you.

So while selecting a yoga retreat considers the following factors:

Yoga retreat is in place which has roots in Yoga

In India, your Yoga Retreat is held in Rishikesh which is located at the footsteps of the Himalayas, near the river Ganga. It is a Yoga Capital of the world, and the best pilgrimage and a tourist place. As soon you land in Rishikesh you would feel spiritually transformed.  There are other places too which are equally beautiful like Dharamshala, and towards South Kerala and West Goa.

There are cultural Trips in the Package

Whether you opt for the week-long retreat or a month, you should check out if your institute is providing culture interaction program or not? For any yogi, it is very important to get a cultural exposure and build the worldview which is more relevant in such diverse land as in India. Check out in the Package if the cultural trips are mentioned or not before joining it.

Traditional Line of Teaching

Yoga is more than mere exercises; it is a complete wellness program whose roots are dug in its tradition. In Indian Schools and retreats emphasis is given on bringing mind and body into harmony, pranayama breath, and meditative practice. Study the teacher’s profile you would like to sign up with and check whether they have traditional lineage and have experience of teaching traditional forms?

Provides mix curriculum of ancient disciplines

Yoga is an ancient discipline and is five hundred thousand-year-old tradition. It has mushroomed into the different Schools of practice. Best thing to do is find a retreat which provides the mix of Hatha and Ashtanga, these two basic courses which would open to the many self-exploratory and self-learning forms. There should be a proportionate combination of Hatha and Ashtanga forms.

The above are the basic things that you need to consider besides finding out if the institute is Yoga Alliance Certified, the type of food or accommodation it is providing and the reputation it holds in the yoga world.  

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