What Honey Is Best For You? Discover the Benefits of Raw Honey

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There are many benefits of row honey some of them are mentioned blew

Benefits of Raw Honey

Honey comes in so many ways to sweeten the world! One of nature's best sweeteners,Guest Posting it also brings a comforting flavor, but did you realize that honey can actually contribute to your overall wellbeing and general well being with numerous health benefits? If you ever re wondering is honey healthy, the good news is that yes, it is. If you've always wondered is honey healthy, take a moment to read the following list of seven proven benefits to honey.



Honey is a natural antibacterial and antifungal powerhouse. Since ingesting it directly or drinking it in some other form can give you an antibacterial effect, applying raw honey directly to a wound or rashes will help to ease discomfort. Raw honey has also been found to fight off infection naturally, without the aid of prescription antibiotics. So while it may not be good for your cat's cough, if you're looking for an alternative to ibuprofen, try applying some raw honey to your kid's aching foot. In addition to fighting off infection, antibacterial benefits of honey go beyond rashes and infections - it can also boost the immune system, which can lead to better overall health and wellbeing.



Honey is often mentioned as a natural remedy for cancer. It is no doubt that bees produce some of the highest concentration of antibacterial compounds known to man. The antibacterial properties of raw honey draw together nutrients from plant life very efficiently, which means OOA honey contains more healing antioxidants than any other type of natural honey available on the market today. In addition, because it is so highly nutritious, OOA honey productsare among the most popular dietary supplements in the world.

If you'd like to use honey as a mouthwash, you'll need to dilute it with two tablespoons of water. Anywhere you find nectar, such as the flowers of hibiscus or a puree of honey from a hive, you will probably also find that there is some antibacterial activity associated with the nectar. Dilute a teaspoon of honey with one tablespoon of water and drink this as a hot tea or dip into a salad bowl. The antibacterial action is even more powerful if you stir the mixture into a glass of water instead of just drinking it.


Diabetes Fighting

One of the major health benefits of using honey is that it can help lower blood sugar levels. This is why raw honey is often recommended to diabetics since the sugar level is more readily absorbed by the body when it is heated. The natural sugar in the honey works as a natural insulin, which allows your body to absorb more glucose from the food you eat without increasing your insulin levels.


Weight Control

Another benefit of consuming raw honey per day is weight control. Natural sugars such as those found in honey have an extremely low glycemic index. This means that the amount of glucose in your system is immediately absorbed by your body, rather than stored as excess sugar, which leads to frequent cravings for foods high in sugar. When you consume honey as a sweetener, your body breaks down the sugars in the syrup without affecting blood sugar levels and immediately eliminates any unused glucose from your system.


Yeast Infections

Honey can help fight off candida, which is a fungus that can cause yeast infections in your body. Since one tablespoon of raw honey contains just one calorie, you can easily shed weight through its consumption without increasing your caloric intake. Add it to your salads for a zesty treat that has no calorie.

As you can see, there are many health benefits of using natural raw honey in your cooking and baking. Raw or crystallized honey comes in different forms including a delicious drink, a hot dessert, as a delicious addition to your meals and desserts, and in the form of a pasteurized honey. Which one will you use? Only you can decide!


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