What You Don't Know About Avocados

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Benefits of Avacado's

If we talk about healthy foods,Guest Posting fruits and vegetable are the first few things that enter our mind. These are the foods that we eat in order to stay healthy and be healthy. These are the things that mom and dad taught us to eat growing up because it is good for the body. By eating fruits and vegetables, we do not just receive the vitamins and minerals that we need but they also provide us with different health benefits. Whatever the benefits are, these foods must be part of our diet. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below.

Let's face it, as women, we are extremely conscious with the way we look and how much we weigh. We obsess over the mirror and the weight scale. We hunger for the latest celebrity diet trends and we emulate their habits so we can look like the Jennifer Anniston's and Jessica Alba's of the world. So we exercise ferociously and diet like we've never dieted before. Most traditional diets include salads and fruits because they are healthy and are assumed to have very little fat. In fact, we purchase anything fat free or low fat just to make sure we don't pack on the pounds.

While we might fear fats, we should not avoid them entirely. We need fat! One fruit super hearty in goods fats are avocados. Avocados are known to have more fat than other fruits but what people don't know is that it is nourishing fat and that this fruit is full of anti-oxidants like Vitamins C and E plus Beta-Carotene.

Here are the other benefits that you can get from avocados:

• Speeds up metabolism
• Lowers cholesterol
• Prevention of stroke
• Nourishes skin and joints
• Better nutrient absorption of your body

So get skinny and lose the fat with fatty fruit. And if you still not impressed, well then you are missing out!

Avocados can be included in salads, sandwich wraps and sometimes in a fruit smoothie. Oh and if you are Mexican food enthusiast, avocados are the main ingredient in tasty and yummy guacamole. You can even try avocados in soup. It doesn't matter how we eat it as long as we enjoy eating it and making it part of our diet.

Go gaga for avocado!

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