Ways To Use A Stability Ball and Resistance Band During Private Personal Training

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Equipments such as stability ball and resistance bands provide an inexpensive and fun way to improve core strength and stability.

Stability balls and resistances bands are great pieces of equipment to use during workouts

Stability ball

The stability ball was first developed to be used in private personal training for rehab patients and anyone who wants to improve their fitness.

Ball push-up

The stability ball enhances the benefits derived from push-ups. With your hands fully extended lie with your hands on top of the ball. Push the body up,Guest Posting extending the arms and slowly lowering the body back down after a short pause.

Ball chest with fly

Lie back with shoulder blades on top of the exercise ball and the back extended. Bend the knees at a 90 degree angle and hold the dumbbells to each side of the body. roll the dumbbellls in and up before lowering them down.

Ball push-up feet up

Lie with thighs on top of the stability ball. Keep the legs and back fully extended and lift the hands on the floor with the elbows bent. Push the body up by extending the arms then hold for a moment before bringing the body back down.

Ball bear hug

Sit on a bench with the back straight. Grip the exercise ball against the chest and place hands on each side. Squeeze the ball towards the chest then allow it to squeeze out after a short pause. Breathe out while squeezing then breath in when the ball squeezes out.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands can be very convenient to use and store. Its important to buy the right resistance band appropiate for your strength.

Front squat

Stand with the tube band with feet wider than the shoulders. Center the band between the feet then hold the handles firmly in each hand. Bring the top of the bands over each shoulder. Sit straight down with abs firmly tucked. Press the knees out over the toes then rise back up to the starting position.

Leg extension

Anchor the loop in low support position. Loop the other end around the ankle with the band positioned behind. Always create tension in the band. Lift the right leg from the floor then extend the knee until it straightens out. Return to starting position then repeat.

Standing adductor

Anchor the loop band at ankle height to a support then stand facing the support. Wrap the free end around the right ankle. Step away from the support to create tension. Bend into a squat and sweep the ankle across the body. Always squeeze the thighs together.

Lateral raise

Stand with feet positioned at the center of the band, shoulder width apart. When your hands are down, make sure your palms are facing in. Bend the elbows slightly then raise the arms out to the shoulder level. Slowly lower down then repeat.

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