Why is stress blood pressure caused?

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Blood pressure in the body is created by the pumping of the blood by the heart.

It is true and accepted that the blood pressure goes up when the person is under stress or strain. This stress blood pressure is related to the way the stress is managed by the patient. Some of them do not really bother about the way they are getting stressed and by the load of work that is on them. In these people the stress blood pressure is almost non existent. Whereas,Guest Posting this is not the case with the other people for whom any change in the work condition induces stress. Not that they mean any harm but that they are the people who get stressed all through for reasons only known to them. This also causes stress blood pressure which could become quite acute.

Why would stress blood pressure strike? There is no rule that says the stress blood pressure should strike at a given moment. As a matter of fact, stress blood pressure would add to the problems a person might have with the blood pressure. Under normal conditions, stress might increase the blood pressure but might not really aggravate. But when the person is already with a higher blood pressure, the issue will be escalated when the person is under stress and strain. It has been clinically observed that when a person is subjected to stress, he generally tends to have high blood pressure. This could result in dizziness and other symptoms which are associated with a rising blood pressure.

A rise in stress blood pressure can result in cardiovascular diseases as well as in strokes. It is therefore, a known fact that the pressure is directly linked to the increase in stress levels. Mental stress which is a component of most of the high profile jobs of today with little or almost no physical work result in a continuing rise in the blood pressure. Lack of physical work also causes abnormal work related problems. Strict deadlines and high demanding jobs are the major sources of stress blood pressure in men. And it has been primarily attributed to the men folk rather than on the women.

A rise in blood pressure is noticed due to the habits that a person has. Typical contributors are bad diet conditions, drinking alcohol, eating too much salt, being obese and not exercising the body properly. But all these are contributors. Similarly stress is also a major contributor. Stress blood pressure happens when the body keeps responding to mental stress conditions. In work place, these stress conditions may become chronic and continuous exposure to such pressures and stress conditions could slowly degenerate the working of the heart and the arteries. This would result in stress blood pressure increase affecting the overall condition of the body.

It has been found that there is a consistent pattern in ill-health due to stress blood pressure and other job related stresses. Though, there may not be a direct cause associated with stress blood pressure and the stress from the work, it is an immediate source.

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