Why Sleeping Pills Are KILLING You!

Sep 21 22:14 2005 Dan Ford Print This Article

This article details some little known problems which can be associated with the use of sleeping pills and health and insomnia

It makes me sad to see how many smart adults take sleeping pills today like they were tic-tacs...

Some people simply don't know about the risks of sleeping pills...
Others have simply become addicted to them...

What? You mean you didn't know that sleeping pills are more addictive than heroin? And that severe withdrawal of sleeping pills can produce death?

And we're only getting started...

Did you know that people who take sleeping pills have higher mortality rates that people who do not take them? Sometimes it's 10% higher,Guest Posting sometimes 50%(!) depending on the pills and how often you take them.

In fact, did you know that one of the common sleeping pills sold today (I can't name it) is used to put animals to sleep by veterinarians?

The risk of committing suicide is also 2 to 7 times higher with people taking these drugs! And that's not all...

It's been proven that sleeping pills cause hangovers that reduce brain cell activity during the day. They make you sleepy, confused and weak. Not to mention the weird side effects some of them have like diarrhea, pains/aches etc

The interesting thing is that people who are responsible for automobile accidents are unusually likely to have sleeping pills in their blood. Moreover, falls are much more common among elderly people who take hypnotics.
Because the substances still remain in the body in the morning, these pills reduce alertness and vigilance, slow reaction times and judgment, and impair aspects of intelligence and memory during the day.

And here's the kicker --- Although sleeping pills have proven to be only slightly better than the placebo pill, after several weeks of use the body begins to resist them and they lose their effectiveness.

All that sleeping pills do afterwards is make insomniacs forget how much they are awake at night!

Now step back and take several moments to reflect on what you've just read. I suspect you'll think twice before taking that next sleeping pill...

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