Will Finasteride Prevent Hair Loss From Steroids? An Advanced Discussion.

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If you are concerned about potential hair loss from steroids, you should become familiar with the prescription drug – Propecia (finasteride).

Hair loss from steroids can be slowed or prevented by using finasteride,Guest Posting but there are many aspects to understand and consider. Most important, this compound will only be effective in preventing potential hair loss from testosterone esters.

Should I take Finasteride?

In my non-medical professional opinion: YES.

Finasteride will lower your DHT levels and you can still build muscle. DHT is largely involved in combating estrogen and increasing strength. If you do not mind compromising strength, you can likely reach your goals while taking Finasteride.

If you are a powerlifter, you might not want to compromise your strength gains by lowering your DHT blood levels. This is the only select group that might want to skip the Finasteride and only use the other options. In this case, you will have to try and inhibit DHT on your scalp, instead lowering your overall DHT levels.

If you are an athlete, particularly one involved in a sport such as sprinting or football that involves building power and quickness in your fast-twitch muscle fibers, you can probably reach your performance goals and still take Finasteride. For athletes, it’s a harder decision – it depends on your personal goals and you’ll likely have to do some trial and error.

In summary, I recommend Finasteride for preventing hair loss. It works well to lower DHT if you are using the steroid: testosterone. You will likely have to find (with your doctor) the dose that works best for you. It is obviously also dependant on how much testosterone you are taking.

Remember, it only prevents hair loss from testosterone, not other steroids!


Where should I get Finasteride?

This is a hotly debated issue within the bodybuilding and athletic community that I have a strong opinion on. My suggestion is a definitive: Go for your doctor and get a prescription to get Finasteride from a legitimate American pharmacy.

Ask your doctor from a script for Proscar (5mg of Finasteride) and tell him you will cut the pills into 1/4s (this is allowed).

I have used “research” Finasteride which came in an oral solution and several different generic Finasteride products from international pharmacies in England, India, China and Mexico. These do not work as well – or at all!

I don’t doubt that research companies have legitimate Finasteride in their products, however, since the doses of Finasteride are so small (1mg - 5mg) it is very hard to know just how much you are taking in an oral solution, even measuring it with an insulin pin.

It would be convenient to give you a link to a ‘research Finasteride’ solution and get a small commission. But I only want you using stuff that I know will work.


Doesn’t Propecia cost like $70 a month?

Propecia, brand-name 1mg Finasteride, does.

But getting generic Proscar (5mg of Finasteride) does not.

Most doctors will prescribe generic Proscar (normally prescribed for BPH) for male pattern baldness if you agree to cut the pills into 1/4s.

With insurance, you will get a 3-month supply of generic Proscar for about $50.

If your doctor is giving you trouble, most hair restoration doctors will be happy to write you a script for generic Proscar to save you money. Visit a hair restoration doctor approved by the independent coalition of hair restoration surgeons.


Is taking Finasteride with Deca-Durabolin okay for my hair?

No! It’s definitely not a good idea.

This will increase your hair loss even though Deca is otherwise pretty mild on your hair. In short, Finasteride will convert the nandrolone decanoate into DHN or dihydronandrolone. Although it’s mainly DHT that we are concerned about, DHN is one of those “other hormones” that is involved in androgenic alopecia.

I know from personal experience. About 7 years ago, I took Deca and Finasteride together for about 8 weeks after getting some lousy advice. My hair loss increased big time and continued at an accelerated level for about 18 months! It takes 18 months to get Deca out of your system.

If your trying to keep your hair and you take Finasteride, Deca is off limits!


Dutasteride (Avodart)

Dutasteride is the “other” more powerful oral prescription medication that can lower your blood DHT levels and prevent DHT-related hair loss. It is different than Finasteride because it inhibits both the type-I and type-II 5AR enzymes.

According to a study funded by GlaxoSmithKline (the manufacturer of the drug):After one year of taking dutasteride 0.5mg/day serum DHT levels decreased by 94% and increased testosterone levels increased by 19%, but the testosterone levels remained within physiologic limits.

It sounds even better than Finasteride! Should I take Dutasteride?

This will have to be a personal decision between you and your doctor. Be warned that Dutasteride has a half life of about 5 weeks. If side effects occur, or if you lower your DHT levels too much, it may be about 9 months to a year until you are back to normal. That’s a scary thought.

In 2005, I used Dutasteride and didn’t find it any more effective than Finasteride. I would be in favor of raising your Finasteride dose as opposed to taking Dutasteride. GlaxoSmithKline has actually discontinued research on Dutasteride for “unknown reasons”. It is likely because the half-life so long and for the average person who does not use anabolic steroids – it will lower their DHT levels far too much.

Remember, you just want to lower your DHT levels or inhibit it from attacking your scalp, you don’t want to totally remove DHT from your body. Doing so will basically make it impossible for you to get or sustain an erection and leave excessive levels of estrogen circulating in your system. It is the equivalent to castrating yourself.

Unless you stay on very large amounts of testosterone (which is not recommended), due to its insanely long half-life, I suggest that you avoid Dutasteride.

For more information about preventing or slowing about androgenic alopecia please visit please visit Hair Loss From Steroids.

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