You Don't Know Jack!

May 18


Donald Schnell

Donald Schnell

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Article Title: You Don’t Know ... Name: Dr. Donald ... Email Address: ... Count: ... Personal ... ... Self ... Date: 2003


Article Title: You Don’t Know Jack
Author Name: Dr. Donald Schnell
Contact Email Address:
Word Count: 464
Category: Personal Development,You Don't Know Jack! Articles Motivation, Self Help
Copyright Date: 2003

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You Don’t Know Jack ©2003 Dr. Donald Schnell

Dear Success Colleague,

I found it hard to believe.

The man performed 1,000 full body chin-ups non-stop. Most
men have trouble completing even one.

I found it hard to believe. The same man did these
chin-ups in under 30 minutes.

I found it hard to believe. This man was in his 30's, not
a young twenty something.

I found it hard to believe. This man completed the
chin-ups and then jumped to the ground and did 1,000

I found it hard to believe. This man completed the pushups
in twenty minutes.

His name?

Jack La Lanne. The famous sixties TV exercise icon.

What does Jack La Lanne have to do with success? Exercise
benefits you in many ways. It is great form of stress
relief and physical conditioning.

But I learned much more from Jack La Lanne then merely
exercising my body. I learned to exercise my mind. How?
Jack taught me that exercise creates discipline and
persistence, and that the more I strengthened by body, the
more my mind was exercised.

What was it like to work out with Jack La Lanne?

If he were here with you today, he'd probably say….

“Hey? Why are you sitting down? If you've been sitting
for more than 30 minutes, you've got to stand up!”

“Reach up. Reach for the ceiling. Stand tall. Repeat
this three more times. Try to reach a little higher with
each attempt.”

“What else can I do?”

“Start with one minute of exercise.”

“Just one minute?”

“Yes! The important thing, more than the minutes is to
create the habit of exercise. It is better to start the
habit and stay with it every day then to start and quit.”

We used to tell Jack all of our excuses as to why we would
miss a day. He was a professional excuse killer.

“Jack, I wanted to exercise today, but I didn't have time.”

“You don't have one minute?” he would say.

Stand up. Stand behind your chair. Hold onto it with your
hands. Now rise up and down on your toes for the next 60
seconds. Slow down the repetitions if you need to.

Every day add another minute of exercise. Walk in place.
Try pushups.

Let me review. Every 30 minutes stand up for a minute.
Reach for the ceiling.

Rise up and down on your toes. Add a minute of exercise to
your life everyday until you are performing 30 minutes.

In one week you will be doing 7 minutes of exercise. You
will surprise yourself at how much exercise this is. More
importantly, you will be creating the exercise habit in
your life.

No more excuses. Now is the time to exercise your mind and
body and to keep youthful.

Yours for success and health,

Donald Schnell